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I found true love,
but I never knew myself,
and even though it hurts,
I can't love someone
without learning to love myself first.
cause then we'll both be in ruins.

Credit for this format goes to alpaca prophet
i need him back :( i miss him 
                                            - thomas 

don't apologize for things
you can't control, for things
that are out of your reach.
you can't change some things
that happen.
stop. apologizing.

_-things i need to learn

I Need A Hug
No No I Need Your Hug

"I asked myself, "why am I not worth fighting for?"
"Why is it so easy to leave me?"
"Why have I never been told that I'm needed?"
"Why isnt it easy to love me?"
And then...I looked in the mirror,
and understood why.
Because I saw the beast behind these pretty eyes"
I need not just luv I need true luv that will stand the test of time
Being overwhelmed and stressed out changes my entire state of mind. I get really scared and worked up about a lot of things and nobody really understands how it works, which makes me even more upset. No one has figured out how to help be with that besides telling me to suck it up. I could just use a hug and somebody to hold me as I cry getting it all out of my system, really that's all I think I need sometimes. Right now I have the crazy overwhelmed feeling and nobody to hug me let alone even reply to my messages. That's when it hits me the most, the point where I've tried everything I can do to make myself happy and now need someone and I don't have someone at that moment.
Now Is When
I Need You

We are torn between nostalgia for the familiar and an urge for the foreign and strange. As often as not, we are homesick most for the places we have never known.

Love is all you need.
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