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In a leap year, 96 additional people get their 15 minutes of fame.

a whole new world
a new fantastic point of view
You know, I used to use this site a long time ago. Well, I am back. And I am going to use it to vent. To tell you all the stories of my amazing boyfriend, how he completely got me through the mental damage my Ex left on me, and all the roller coasters in between. From his rough family issues, to my own. An anonymous public diary of sorts. We will see how this goes ☺
i love you so much that it hurts my head
Hey guys,
so i'm newish here..
Haven't been on here in years, so if you have any tips please feel free to share!
Feeling kinda lost on here.
Thank you!(:
~ All she felt was pain inside.. blossoming from the feelings she tried to hide... she doesn't even know why she tried.. when she knew all along it was just a lie..~

who where lives in New York ?


let it die.
        LET THERE BE A        
new beginning. it's awful. GOODNIGHT.


this love's shining brighter than gold
this love is like letters in bold
this love is like out of control
this love is never growing old
you make it new
still falling for you

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