Nmq Quotes

deep in my soul that love
never lasts

I just wanna go to concerts

"love is not mean. people are
when they say they love you and then hurt you.
when they make you
feel special and then drop you like you meant
nothing. when they find a way
to unlock your heart and then lose
the key."

"even though you will always be the one
that got away, i am glad
now that you got away, you belong
there- away from me."


some of us have to grow up sometimes,
and so if i have to i'm gonna leave you behind

"If you're not doing what you love,
you're wasting your time."


"I want to feel my life
while I'm in it."



using your lips to break hearts, what for?


 "Moonlight is the proof that there will

always be light in darkness."



"I understand people lose
feelings and people change, I 100% accept
that. But I will never understand
how you had the courage to just walk

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