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that moment when you have no friends and, is that just me?
He meets none of my requirements..

e's not a christian
e smokes weed
He's 17

So why the he// do I feel like this????
"A mind may appreciate anyone, but it takes only heart to respect someone and that’s applicable to everyone and so trust, none could ever honestly deny the fact that the heart is better than the mind."~Anuj Somany

it's the remix to ignition,
college student edition.
i eat poptarts for dinner,
i can't afford my tuition.


i hope they serve jack daniels in hell


honestly, i either way yogas
or leggings about 99% of the time

It says to write something original, but there isnt any originality on witty anymore.
Interracial Marriage and Homosexual Marriage
are too completely different thing.
You can't even compare them.

Scientist: "On average teenagers go on the internet 16 hours a week."
Me: "You mean per day."
Scientist: "what?"
Me: "what?"


Person: New Year, New Me. :)
Me: .....
Me: *Reports*
Me: *Unfollows*
Me: *Blocks*
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