Obsession Quotes

"There are enough people so self-obsessed that if they don’t see or show their own face regularly through social media, they feel so stressed that they may also fall sick for a day or two."
~Anuj Somany
A drunken tounge

speaks the thoughts

that a sober one won't
If a hug
represented how
much I love you,
I would hold you
in my arms
I loved and I loved and I lost you...
How can I say this without breaking
How can I say this without taking over
How can I put it down into words
When it's almost too much for my soul alone
I don't want them to know the secrets
I don't want them to know the way I loved you
I don't think they'd understand it, no
I don't think they would accept me, no
Dreams fight with machines
Inside my head like adversaries
Come wrestle me free
Clean from the war
Your heart fits like a key
Into the lock on the wall
I turn it over, I turn it over
But I can't escape
I turn it over, I turn it over
I loved and I loved and I lost you
And it hurts like hell
No, it is not love,
what you are feeling,
its called obsession, an illusion in your mind,
that makes you do things, this is how the heart functions


  Have you dreamed about me yet?  


  Have you whispered my name to a pet?  


  You will writhe in your sleep!  


  I will drag you down deep!  


  You are never escaping my net!  


I guess it's over,
yeah we're done.
Hello,hola, here is the answer!!


People who got it right:

Good Job! All the answers were very unique  and awesome and they made sense!!! :P 

Another riddles coming at you in a few minutes!!
It's been a while
since I held you close.
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