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Grandfather, weary soul,
before you die. Since our grandma passed away
Youve waiTeD For Forever
soon you will die. It was the only woman
You ever LoveD, THaT GoT BurnT BY
she was young, and the cancer spread and it ran
into her body and her blood,
and there’s nothing you can do about it now.

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anyone else falling into a crippling depression and losing their sense of self because of indecision and fear of the unknown lmfao
                                                 so this guy who suffers from premature e
'jaculation comes out of nowhere

The scariest thing about college
is that in less than a year I will
know exactly where I'm going, but
right now I have no idea
what college I'll end up going to.

K-POP Questions

How did you get into Kpop? I honestly don't know
What was the first song you ever heard? don't know if counts: "Over the Rainbow" by TRAX
First group you knew about? TVXQ
First group you really got into? Super Junior
How long ago did you discover Kpop? few years?
Did you like it or dislike it when you first discovered it? i knew it before, but when i "started" listening, i only ironically liked it to make fun of it and now it's basically 99.999% of my life. (my past self would probably get in a fight with me)
Is your current favorite group the first one you discovered? Yeah still one of my favourites
If not, how long did it take you to discover your favorite group? .
First variety/reality show you watched that had a Kpop artist in it? can't choose
First song/MV/pic/whatever that made you fangirl scream? i think shinee hello? (just so cute)
Least favorite group & least favorite member? I don't really hate any
Least favorite guy group & least favorite member? ^^
Least favorite girl group & least favorite member? ^^
Least favorite member of your favorite group? ^^
Least favorite song? idk
Worst-looking? I don't like to tell people they look ugly.
Who would you never want as an older brother? idk
Who would you never want as an older sister? Amber
Least favorite solo artist? idk
Least favorite music video? idk
Least favorite dance? idk
Least favorite costumes/outfits? idk
If you were only able to say five words max to your bias, what would you say? youare myfather wherehave you been (its 8 but i will squeeze in all the words i have to)
If your bias kissed you, how would you react? die
 If your bias asked you to marry him/her, how would you react? die
i dont need to tell you im beautiful i know im perf get over urself and stOP IT NOW
Zayn solos. That's all I have to say.
"This dialouge is between an Islamic, an Italian, and an Arabic man. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke." ~ My Italian teacher

   My  anaconda

oon't want

n o n e unless

you've got
a Personality...

Yes, it's a Friday night and I'm at home watching 10 Things I Hate About You.
I'm single.
Don't judge me.
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