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I lay in bed and watch the wall, where not much happens; not much at all. I feel so sick, I feel so dead - I'm told I'm just sick in the head. At I first I was sad, which soon lead to numb; my medication don't work and my therapist's dumb. But now I'm just tired - I'm not bothered at all, so I'll continue to lay and stare at the wall.

"Your bra strap is showing."

Oh no, no one can know that I, a teenage girl, am wearing a bra.

Someone call Victoria because her Secret's out.


with your laptop in your lap because you are just            
                      too lazy to go pee already.

Witty is so dead It just makes me wanna cry
Sometimes I Worry That Pizza Isn't A Real Sport..

getting bad again for no reason after being happy for a long
time is literally one of the worst feelings ever

*phone beeps* missed cal from mom

Reasons Why My Life's so Weird:

So today afterschool I had walked to across the street from my school and decided to step into this alley so I could wait for my Grammy to pick me up. Anyway all these kids were passing when this group of guys were walking past me. When a boy towards the end of the group and closest to me stop, looked at me and asked,
"Do you have a lighter?"
I replied, "uh No."
Then one of the guy's friend turned around and asked, "Does she look like she would have one??"and then the first guy while walking away says, "Are you kidding? She's definetley smuggling some c0caine."


I feel like I'm the worst so I always act like I'm the best~
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