i promise you

it'll all make sense again
I don't even know who I am anymore. 
I just wanna die most days.
the goal is to win.

Not to look like you winning.
places that once meant nothing to me are now infected with a virus called bittersweet nostalgia, in which symptoms are not present yet but will be once they leave my life and cause every next visit to these places to result in strong emotions i did not even know i could have
If you want to wear the lipstick, wear the lipstick. The permission you're waiting is never going to come. ..


I don't know why this upsets me.. I've known what I am to you for a long time so you leaving as soon as you realized you weren't gonna get what you wanted shouldn't hurt me this much.

skies are crying
i'm watching
in my hands

I couldn't wait 
till I got home
To pass the time
in my room alone

Nothing good remains forever.
We all just hope it does
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