I miss tea time 
9pm will always 
remind me of her. 
i'm sorry mel. 
i feel lost and i want 
a giant redo. 

can i go back to spring
when you wanted
to leave me for chris.  

i would let you now. 
Alex would say something to calm me down 
no one will know me like he did. 
Eli would distract me with a show or song 
no one will make me smile like he did. 
David would tell me shut up.
no one says it like him. 
you pushed for so much 
and when i can finally give it.
you stop pushing. 
so i push  
and you avoid.
I only knew them..
I don't know how to do this without them.
I wonder if i can ever forgive myself

i promise you

it'll all make sense again
I don't even know who I am anymore. 
I just wanna die most days.
the goal is to win.

Not to look like you winning.
places that once meant nothing to me are now infected with a virus called bittersweet nostalgia, in which symptoms are not present yet but will be once they leave my life and cause every next visit to these places to result in strong emotions i did not even know i could have
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