Oldwitty Quotes

I miss the old witty, when people actually talked and commented on stuff. When we all were there for one another.
omg who remembers bringmetheeric!!!!!

I have this really unnatractive
thing on my head called my face

When you have one notification
more than the person before you on a "Top Quote" list and you're sitting there like, "HURRY HURRY UPDATE HURRY SO I CAN GO ABOVE THEM HURRY BEFORE THEY GET A NOTIFICATION HURRYYYYY OMGGGG"
It's sad.
I checked witty today out of nowhere expecting to have a bunch of nostalgia.
But i didnt.
Witty has changed so much.
I miss when the top quotes had favorites in the thousands every day;
Not less than one hundred.
I miss the old witty - 
we were a family
I wish people would just use the tags for what they mean and not for attention... funny quotes need to be funny people
Guess what?
Im back from the land of the dead
Old Witty!
I'll give you a taste of the good ol days

I haven't been on here in two years
and everything is so different..
I miss being 15 and having nothing
to do but write quotes 


So today is August 15th, 2014.
As of today I have been logged off of witty for 2 years.
I joined in May of 2011.
At that time, there were top quotes of the day that had hundreds of favorites and comments with discussion and so many amazing people telling their story and looking for advice and giving support and being a metaphorical shoulder to cry on and just all around being a community- no- a family of people who were there for you to love and accept you just the way you are. We could voice opinions and back them up and argue and bicker and fight and love and be happy. We could let our feelings out and talk about how things made us react and we could understand eachother. There were so so many people who you could make friends with. Some people even went so far as to go out in the real world and meet them. Witty was a haven. 
Now as I look at the amount of people who are online right now it makes me so incredibly sad. It's heartbreaking to see people who were so close just up and leave. There used to be hundreds of people on this websight at a time. I remember crashing the websight more than once because of too many quotes being added or too many people on there at a time. As much as one might think that you can out grow witty, you can't. No matter where you travel or who you meet you can always come back here. At least thats what I thought. I thought this was a safe place that you could always come back to, but I guess I was wrong. Everyone left.
I would really like to think that the people who are on here today are still the same kind of people who were here to talk when you needed them a few years ago. Maybe they are, but as I scroll though page after page of new quotes I have yet to find one that was copmpletely original. Its disappointing.
If you have gotten this far then I want to personally congradulate you on being one of the few people left who actually give a crap about what someone thinks. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my opinion. I apreciate you. If anyone ever decides that they need a friend or a third party to talk about your problems with I really hope no one hesitates to contact me on here. If you do so I will give you my email or phone number or facebook or twitter or kik or skype or anything else. I will be continuously checking my witty account every day unill you all decide you don't need me anymore. My goal is to try and return witty to its formal glory.
Please spread this message as much as possible. It is extremely important to me that everyone know that there are still people out there ready and willing to be your ally. I really hope I didn't write this for nothing.

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