Oli Quotes

Ιt's like I'm sleepwalking..

...The funny thing is..all I ever wanted...I already had...
-Oliver Sykes


Heaven's full and hell won't have me.
I don't mind
if we
take our own time.
'Cause I'm all yours
and you're
all mine.
we're all 50 shades of fvcked up.
i may look happy
but honestly dear
the only way ill really smile
is if you cut me ear to ear

Police officer: Anything you say can and will be held against you.
Me: Alex Gaskarth
Me: Mike Fuentes
Me: Oli Sykes
Me: Austin Carlile
Me: Jack Barakat
Me: Vic Fuentes
Me: Kellin Quinn
Me Jacky Vincent
Me: Ryan Seaman
Me: Alan Ashby
Me: Andy Biersack
Me: Ashley Purdy
Me: Craig Mabbit
I've said it once,

I've said it twice,

I've said it a THOUSAND fcking times,

That I'm OK,

that I'm fine,

that it's all just in my mind

~Bring Me The Horizon
"ItNever Ends"

I'm burning down every bridge we make
I'll watch you choke on the hearts you break
I'm bleeding out every word you said
Go to hell for heavens sake
♢  Oliver Scott Sykes  ♢
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