Onmymind Quotes

I think you should know that when I woke up today I was tangled in morning breath and your whispers. 

I think you should know that I'm dreaming with swollen lips and bleeding cheeks because I keep biting down to stop myself from saying what's on my mind, 

I think you should know my mouth is betraying me and when I brush it off, what I mean is, please for the love of everything, know that I am terrified. 

I think you should know, despite the fact that I am trembling with needs, I don't want it. I don't want to count down the seconds and drag out my day. 

I don't want to constantly dislodge my heart from the back of my throat when you don't even know that you jammed it there. 

 I don't want to write instructions on how to breathe on my walls because suddenly I'm constantly needing a reminder.
Somethings are just so beautiful they can't be explaned in words

It's weird to come onto Witty now.
It's weird to see how empty it has become and it's weird to me that people are still here. It's weird because while it's out of mind and out of sight for me, it's still someone's everything. That use to be me coming on every waking moment - worrying about FramingMatthew and angry at Brandon Cyrus. Staying up all night to make sure Witty wasn't shut down for swearing and sending Steve rude comments for taking off the "vent" catergory. I made friends on here. But they haven't been on in months. And I lost their numbers. And I miss staying up until 3 in the morning on chat talking to them. Talking about nothing. Starting drama. Ending it. 
I've been a member of Witty Profiles since 2011. Three years. I'm older now, have a job, in college, living with my boyfriend. I'm busy. I have created a life for myself.
I've moved on from the cuts and bruises, the heartbreaks, the tears, the lonliness. I have learned how to be happy with who I am and I am still learning who I will be. I recognize how who I was has shaped me into who I am. It's weird to come onto Witty now because I see how much has changed. The website. The rules. The people. And me. 


Please don't look my love, for I fear I am slowly breaking

me: you were so cute as a kid. what happened?
natasha: puberty hit me like a truck.

I don't know why everyone freaks out about people from their schools making Witty accounts. I found one of my friends from school on Witty and it's seriously the best thing ever and it's so fun knowing someone in real life on here and guys it seriously is great
they moment when i saw you i was in love with you <3 forever and always i will love you until the day the world gives up on me <3
you're all i think about <3
Not to brag or anything,
BUT I think we are really cute together.

You're like the lyrics to my
favorite song, hard to forget and always on my mind.

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