Over Quotes

I find it hilarious when you try to throw her in my face, almost like you think you still mean something to me? 
It's amazing to once again be able to look back on our good memories and smile instead of cry. I'm finally 100 percent over you. 
When you walked away, you thought you'd won. You thought you'd won because she loved you more than you loved her. And that just wasn't enough for you. When you walked away that last time--sent that last text--had that last call--you thought you'd had the last word. The best argument. You were content because you were right--and she wasn't--and it ended, just like you knew it would. And so when you imagine her now, she's still crying by the phone. Loving you. Wishing you'd call. Thinking you're the best and only person she can ever be with. You see her in that puddle of self-doubt that you worked so hard to build into her. Well, stop. And let me clarify a few things for you. First of all, she's not there, waiting by the phone. She no longer thinks about all those good times you had, wondering if you're ever going to come back. Actually, she hardly thinks of you at all. When you stopped loving her, something happened to her. Something huge. That's actually the one--one--thing she credits you with. You taught her to love herself enough to know when someone wasn't loving her enough. And that is exactly what she needed. To finally, finally start loving herself. So hey, you didn't break her, darling. She wouldn't give you that power. That girl loved you in a way that you're never going to find again but are always going to look for. And trust me, you will look for it. But as for her? She's not the same girl she was. She is strong and independent and confident. She is open and loving and free. So when you think of her (and I know you will), just know this: you never broke her. The only thing you did was push her to the edge. Like, right to the edge. But she didn't jump, darling. She flew. 
People are ridiculous making up excuses for the most stupid things at least where I am this applies. I am so over your dumb excuses to push us away because you don't want to get close to us I am so over you attitude when we don't do something to your liking I am over you wall that you built to keep us away

we won't stop until it's over
we won't stop to surrender

team: I had a dream that was stellar at the
time but turned out to be quite bad for me. 

when it's all over

Deep inside, he knew who he was, and that person was smart and kind and often even funny. But somehow, his personality always got lost somewhere between his heart and his mouth and he found himself saying the wrong thing, or more often, nothing at all.

In a world where
everybody is over
exposed, the coolest
thing to do is 
maintain your mystery.

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