Pain Quotes

When you would never do to them the things in which they do to you.

Breaking you down to dust
Breaking you down to dust
Breaking you down to dust
Breaking you down to dust
Breaking you down to dust
May you never be the reason someone who loves to sing, does not anymore.

Or why somebody has dimmed themselves as to not blind you.

Or why somebody who always spoke so wildly of their dreams and excitementsis now silent about them.

May you never be the reason for someone watering themselv down,

giving up on a part of them,

ecause you were demotivating, non appreciative or sarcastic about them.

May you never be that cold.
i'm just crying all of the time now
and my anxiety makes it very difficult to breathe
i feel as if i am dying
make it stop
Please allow tomorrow to be a better day
She told me she would make me forget the pain.

… Who knew there was something worse than pain???

The demon within me urges me on
Thoughts of suicide
wanting to die
The urge to pick up the razor
To make the pain more bearable
Why is there so much pain?
The need to cut is like an itch I cannot scratch
All I want is that blade slicing through my skin
Taking away the pain you caused
Making it hurt less
Why do you always threaten to leave me?
Don't you know how much that kills me?
Do you even care?
If there is no care in that 
What's the point of being here?
I am just a failure
A horrible, messed up 
All I want is to slice my skin open
Feel the pain that doesn't hurt
Blind the pain that is there
Watch as the red pools over
Spills down the beautiful white skin
Why am I so messed up?
Pain is important: how we evade it, how we succumb to it, how we deal with it, how we transcend it.

...I dug out a space for what you did and carried it there, beneath the stomach. I put my hand over the hollow and wondered why you needed to be remembered this badly.
I'm not happy 🙃.
I feel like I'm dying inside.
I'm in pain. I'm shouting but no-one is listening.
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