Peace Quotes

Peace is an end undo itself.
To me it's not a near riot unless it's within 10 feet.
Things are what they are
and will be what they will be.

     I do not think I have it in me anymore to struggle and fight and suffer; I want to be 
quIeT & HaPPY.

It's time to quit thinking in terms of 'us' versus 'them,' and start thinking in terms of 'them' versus 'us.'
December 12th is International Day of Neutrality. It could have been another date, but nobody had a preference one way or the other.
How much more time must pass before we meek finally inherit the Earth? So many generations we've sacrificed waiting for our oppressors to tire themselves of exercising every depravity upon us that it seems we might be stupid after all. Must we grow teeth and become as our enemies in order to end our suffering? Must we adopt the ways of the ones whom we despise? If we became them, we might escape our torture, but would we not also lose ourselves in unbecoming? Once evicted from our hearts, dishonored peace would lose its last refuge and disappear forever. It is our duty to persist and survive no matter how vast the evil grows around us. It is our privilege to take the blows without returning them in order to cherish and protect within ourselves the glowing spark of that most precious of ideas so it may have and keep at least these humble homes.
love and understanding is all we need please

Why do people keep trying to create peace by attacking?

you'll never find
peace of mind
until you listen
to your heart

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