Perception Quotes

We don't see things as they are, we see them as our optometrist is.

Listen To all of the music and songs that i love 
only then will be on a high enough level
of perception and understanding
to truly understand who i am
Whether or not you're topless depends on what you consider your top.
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You are a wineglass. She will wrap her mouth around you, stain you with red lips, and make you feel loved. And then, with great force, she will throw you to the ground. You will shatter into thousands of pieces, scattered and divided, and it is not until then that you will realise you are not as important as you think.
the sun blinds my eyes, rips through the fibres with the force of an angry star. it burns into my brain, tears through my perception and scars my memories, drenching them in sunlight - making the past look golden and oh so desirable.

it also dulls my senses, forces the future to forever compete with days that once were and people long gone. i avoid sunny days, and i do not look up.
In the night, I lay, still
as men shout in the dark
they laugh loudly and
without fear for they
are drunk, and alcohol
can bring forth a breed
of confidence that
years of therapy
never could

I lay still,
and I listen
as they shout and cry,
there is a smash
and I think of how
someone has now lost their confidence,
how it is slowly swirling down the drain

I lay and I wonder
why I feel so afraid,
tucked inside my bed,
whilst these men are fearless
of the night in which they dance
i was going to lie about my life, by saying i was fine
whilst beneath my clothes, i was covered in red lines
All but her glow evaded my gaze
But t'was on my soul she continued to graze
Perchance tis not thy senses enlightened, but that thy perception be fogged and overthrown by elementary expressions. Tis not by his tenderness this dark endeavor be driven. Wherefore rest thy lost conscience. I bid thee let not thy mind fall into trance of one so fraudulent.
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