Period Quotes

i bleed
every month.
do not die.
how am i

Nayyirah Waheed

I don't really have any embarrassing period
stories. but I do have some "I got my period
and boys were t.wats about it" stories.

1. I think it was before my one ex forced himself
on me. kind of sad that it happened so many times
I can't remember. my period started the week we got
together, and by the end of that week, it happened.
problem is after it happened the first time, it was a
constant thing (where periods and tampons didn't
stop him.) so, it could have happened before. for 
the sake of it let's make it happy and say it was 
before he turned into a complete sack of s.hit. I
was at his house and I needed a tampon. heavier
flow than anticipated you feel me? I don't think 
your period is something you should be ashamed
by so I was like "hey you, I need to leave I need a
tampon really bad" and he was against me leaving
at all costs. (people don't understand how you can
be r.aped almost everyday, multiple times a day,
because at a certain point "you must have wanted
it, or it wouldn't have happened. you put yourself
through that by continuing the relationship." but
you don't understand- he's crazy. he was on house
arrest, but he'd still find ways to come to my house.
and if I didn't go over, he would just.. you just don't
understand until you are with someone that is so
manipulative as he is- I really hope no one has to
find out.) so, to fix the problem, he yelled to his 
mom that I needed a tampon. he went to fetch it,
his parents laughed at me, and then he threw it
at me and made comments. I said it was like soo
embarrassing, but I was more p.issed off, tbh.

2. second boyfriend. I had my period, he knew
I had my period (I honestly do not give two shats
who you are, if you text me while I'm on my period
you will know I'm on my period. I'm probably in 
pain and I want to complain.) he still asked me to 
come to his house so he could see me. sadly, that
is all we did. he would just look at me, for hours.
he would invite me over, and we would sit at his
kitchen table with his mom, and I would sit in 
silence while she and him talked. one time I was
there for like 12 hours (not even an exaggeration.
I already have a messed up back, but that made 
it so much worse, and then he got mad at me
when I said I wanted him to come to me more
because sitting in those chairs for hours were 
actually painful.) anyway, I kept subtly pointing
out the time, and how late it was, and everyone
just ignored me. I wasn't going to stand up and
walk out (they are a.ssholes, they probably would
have actually yelled at me.) eventually his mom 
got sick of it and told him to walk me out already.
when I got outside I was just like "finally! my 
tampon is on it's last legs, man. I need to get
home. now." and he just hugs me. and talks.
and hugs me more. and talks more. and finally
an hour later he lets me leave. and yes it is gross,
but I'm not kidding when I say I had blood the whole
way down to my knees. I had to soak my pants in
the bathtub because it was 3am and I couldn't turn
the machine on and I didn't want to risk it staining.
my sister is still p.issed about waking up to a tub
full of bloody water and a pair of pants.

I had a third story, but after typing the first two I forgot
it, and I believe I already hit my gross quota.

tip: don't be embarrassed about your period. embrace it.
if anyone give you a hard time about it, just remember that
it is normal?? like, it is nature. unless someone has a p.enis,
they will probably (there are some other things that need to
be factored in, so yeah, probably) get their period. 
Somebody in my first period today said "I'm as straight as a circle!"

bender is me on my period amiright ladies
Can we take a moment of silence for the girls that will have their period on Halloween?
...Like me!?
Dear mother nature,
I took a bath at 6:30 to try and cook
my uterus into submission. now I'm in
so much pain, I'm not even going to try
and get dressed or brush my hair. can
someone just punch whoever started
the whole "warm baths help cramps"
in the face? now, excuse my while I
fight the urge to choke back a bottle 
or two of tylenol.

Girls on Periods: I'm fine. I hate you. I love you. I want ice cream. Come here. Get away. You're cute. F*ck off. F*ck that. F*ck this.
Girl: I've got really bad period pains!
Guy: I feel your pain.
Girl: Oh so you've been through period pains then have you?!

Sisterhood of the Traveling Cramps. ugh. XD
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