Personal Quotes

I know that she has a lot of stories

Some she chooses to share and some she keeps hidden away in the depths of her mind

She’s a natural introvert

But there’s more to it than that

Sometimes it seems like she doesn’t want anyone to know her at all
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I haven't been on here in a little over a year.

So many things are different since 2016.

I've graduated college, first in the family. I still can't believe I'm not a college student anymore and that I'm a college graduate.

I've really grown as a person.

I used to love going out and drink with friends - now I live for the nights I get to spend with my dogs.

I used to hate myself and I'm not a HUGE fan still but I'm getting there. But I don't think anyone ever really is 100% okay with themselves at all moments. And that's okay.

I've bought my grandfather his first puppy in over 30 years. He loves her more than most things. The first month he had her, I didn't see a moment where he wasn't smiling.

I'm 23 - which is wild. I turn 24 in November. Which is even crazier. I started going on this when I was 15. I've almost had this account for 10 years.

It's weird to look back at quotes I made, more funny but others more personal. It's awful to know how much pain I used to be in. But it's amazing to see how far I have come.

I didn't even know if I'd make it to 20, let alone 23. I never was suicidal but I really hated my life, for whatever reason.

Now I just love being alive. For my mom, for my grandparents, for my dogs and cats. For myself.

I'm still scared of what's to come but I think that's what keeps me motivated.

I don't know, Witty was my safe haven growing up. It's what helped me get through a lot of things and I'm glad I had this website.

I used to play in softball tournaments on the weekends and come home after those wins and losses and post quotes. I was so excited to post quotes - sometimes I even limited myself to only 10 a day when in reality I would wanna post like 30.

I'm only 23 years old. I'm a recent graduate of college. I still can't believe I made it.

I'm not always fully okay but I still am here and I'm glad I'm here.

I've got a long way to go to where I want to be but I have that faith that I'll make it.

Never lose hope in yourself.

Show the world what they didn't think you could do.

Hang in there and just know if you aren't okay now, you will be. It may take years like it took me, but you'll get there. It's so worth the wait.

Live your best life.

You're back in my life--and I'm still sad.

Everything ends or dies or gets taken away
Fxck bittersweet
And me
Until I forget about the trains and stuff like that
You shouldn't be hearing this
I shouldn't be saying it
But to hell with me and all my wanderlust
This is all just feelings gushing right?
Stream of consciousness
Don't take it personally
But I want to get out with you

t.s., explicit

five things i learned about myself last year

1. i am not impatient. i am restless.
2. i'm not a people pleaser.
3. practicing reckless optimism is not nearly as hard as knowing when to let it go.
4. the third cigarette is the hardest to light.
5. i can cry. i just have to let myself. 

i 've got plans tget tyou
you know, don't you know?


/watch?v=x6QZn9xiuOE ;]]

~ J U T M ~



 My name is here on , just in case that you didn't see it up there ^ ;o
(And yes, you can call my presentation Fifty Shades Of Grey if you want to ;))

Euumm.. I don't really have that hey-I-can-put-my-hole-lifestory-into-500-letters ability. My mom maybe accidentally threw me into a wall when I was a baby or something.. :s



Anyway xD.. Let's move on!


 I love animals,
 and when I say love, i mean LOOOOOVE. And when I say animals, I mean AAALL ANIMALS. Cats, dogs, frogs, sloths, zebras, ants, slugs, you name it! You can probably say that I'm the creepy version of Snow White, if you take away the fact that she's a princess, she lives with 7 tiny dwarfs.. (My friends aren't that short xo.. Or only my darling silver c;) aand that I'm not some kind of badger-whisper and force them to bake me a pie (That would be quite awesome though..)


  I'm also a very big fan of applepie without apples.


June 10, 2016.
Minnie Mouse.
Unlike the "real" Minnie Mouse, you were the best dog I ever had.
My childhood ended when I watched the life go out of your eyes.
Most people can't watch their dog die.
I wasn't leaving you in those last moments.
You were there for me for everything.
I was going to be there to end your pain.

It's silly to miss a dog so much.
But you knew dad.
And not many people knew him.
I got you when I was 5 years old.
I had you for 16 years.
I'm getting a Minnie Mouse tattooed on my leg for you.
Hakuna Matata, Minnie.

We love you so much.

October 6, 2002.
14 years and a week ago.
That's the day you died.
The day some man in an eighteen-wheeler decided to be careless.
The day a woman lost her husband.
The day a father lost their son.
The day a brother and sister lost their brother.
The day newphews and neices lost their uncle.
The day two parent-in-laws lost their only son-in-law.
The day two daughters lost their father.

I carry a picture of you and me in my purse.
It has been there since I've bought that purse.
It has been in backpacks and wallets before that.
You may not be here, but you are always with me.

I'll always be mad at the man who killed you.
But I can't help but hope that he can live with what he did.
He also had everything we lost.
I couldn't live with myself knowing that he didn't live his life fully after killing you.
I know he didn't do it on purpose.

We had to put down Minnie a few months back.
I like to think you met her at the gates.
If they do exist. And I'm hoping they do.

14 years doesn't change the fact that I'll ever forget the day I was told you weren't coming home.
Even Minnie was standing there with us on that lawn.
I will forever be thankful my last words to you were "I love you."
I will forever be thankful that I got to hug you goodbye before we lef the house.
I don't know how I got so lucky, thinking about it.
Luckily but unlucky. I'll take what I got. It's better than most.

Your tattoo will be on me forever.
You will be with me forever.
I will tell my future husband all about you.
I will tell your grandchildren how great of a man you were.

I love you.

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