Pervert Quotes

...I'm kind of a lady....but definitely more of a pervert.
if i act like a pervert around you that means im comfortable with you.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hey :) Y
Stranger: cool lol
You: XD
You: im just a small town girl
Stranger: erm... how old are you?
You: 18000000
You: you?
You: XD
You: ♥
Stranger: so your a small town girl who is 18000000 years old?
You: yesh
Stranger: right lol :S
You: XD
You: wbu?
Stranger: so where are you from?
Stranger: planet?
You: A lonely world
You: im joking
You: I live in hell
You: On hell, in hell
Stranger: alright then
Stranger: right... Stranger: i'm gonna skip ya know
Stranger: now*
Fun Fact#1
Apodyopsis, is the act of mentally undressing someone.

Did you know that being a pervert had a cool word for it?

I'm such a pervert and I don't even care
Here I got something for you perverts out there:
No wonder that they have the biggest buildings in asia.
Or actually the smallest in africa.
Africans don't need something that is actually big after all.
But if it's true what they say, asians do.


Accidentally sending ;) instead of :)
and feeling like you just offered them your body.

Guy: Wanna see my d*ck?
Me: No.
Guy: I wanna show you my d*ck.
Me: Please don't.
Guy: Here's a picture of my d*ck.
Me: Oh god, eye-molestation.
Guy: Send me a pic of u.
Me: *sends picture of obese, very hairy 
old man, dressed in drag as retaliation* 
Me: That's me bby <3

Haven't heard from him since.

Se./x meant a gender
B./itch meant a female dog
Di/.ck was a name
B.J was a nickname
Rubber was nothing but an eraser
As/.s was an animal
Screw was just a tool
Ba./lls meant a round toy
Nuts meant a dry fruit

theI met the internet 

Wow, my neighbours get terrible phone reception under their bed.

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