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fall in love with
ordinary. Fall in love with the everyday. Fall in love with brown eyes and small towns and a hand full of dandelions. Discover. Discover the crevices. Read the books that aren’t so popular, by little known authors who have a lot to offer. Listen to music that makes you think. Choose art that is buried in the corner of galleries, or on the street. Teach yourself to love the small things. The special but unnoticed things. Teach yourself how the ordinary is not so ordinary after all.

                  I liked the idea – that we left pieces of ourselves everywhere we went, coloring all our 
ImPoRTanT PLaces.

applying to jobs is the never-ending
circle of hell that no one should have
to endure. 
I had a really good book cry. 
format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

For all the places I have been, I'm no place without you.

I only ever wanted to show you
the world. I wanted to show you what it was like to be in love in every city of the world. I still want that. Is it still too late to say I love you?

I drove by all the places
We used to hang out getting wasted

I thought about our last kiss
How it felt, the way you tasted

And even though your friends tell me you're doing fine
Are you somewhere feeling lonely even though
he's right beside you

When he says those words that hurt you
Do you need the ones i wrote you

Sometimes i start to wonder was it just a lie
If what we had was real, how could you be fine

Cos i'm not fine at all

I think we have to go through the hard stuff to get to the places we want to be.  
I've never been more lonely then when I was in a crowded room

the wrong
choices bring
us to the


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