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let's play dot to dot
until our lips meet

she wants to listen to music and dance around, but the truth is people are watching

Listless, tired, sapped, and shorted out—that's how I feel after work. What good is it to work in order to stay alive to work?

Energized, healthy, fresh, and free—that's how I feel when I go into nature or create something because I want to. There's enough abundance that we could all be doing what we wanted if it weren't for the greed of a few.

We're just playing hide and seek
It's getting hard to breathe under the sheets with you
I don't want to play no games
I'm tired of always chasing, chasing after you

my plan was to come home and play ps4 until everyone else got home. but instead I've literally just been sitting in silence for like the past 3 hours.
I Hit Play
I Fade Away
I Zone Out
With No Doubt
I Replay Again
Im No Longer Distraught
Headphones In
World Off

Uh when I talk about something and know one is listening
Hey are you ready lo mbxfgnfzjxh6xxmx
Lyrics: BC you known all about that base bout that base -megan trainor

Lyrics: ohh I just want to take you anyway that you like -one direction

Lyrics: this time I'm going to take the crown without falling down down -beyonce
God my last Quote was wrong but this Quote should be right so here's one
TT so I've heard about $hipper going on and I was like what let me post something new Quotes are coming up soon so yeah I'm also going to be on lyrics so lookup me alexy
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