Player Quotes

Video Games I must admit
I've spent to many hours of my life playing them.
I have no regrets.

                            Yeah, You may talk to me.
                            Make me laugh and say sweet things but..
                             how many other girls do  you doing that to?
Who ever hates xEmoPrincessx 'taylor' should like this haha ;) 

Still typing...

Still typing...

5 hours later...

Still typing...

Player says:hi

Why would you want me when you could have her?
I loved you with all my heart,
ut you smashed it to pieces.
And with every broken piece,
I still loved you.
Eventually I glued the pieces back,
told myself that I was fine.
But I wasn't, I'm not,
And I never will be.
Because now I can't love,
ut now I can't get hurt.

It's all lies, darling.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Roses are Red
Violets Are Blue
You Really thought I would cry over you?
I Said I Love You,
You thought that it was true
Well Guess What Player You Just Got Played Too
Yesterday, I went up to try and talk to him. Yeah, I was definitely nervous. Who wouldn't be? But I decided to go for it. I stepped into the cafeteria and scanned the crowd, looking for that smile that could light up a room. Then I found him. With his arm around another girl. I must've been staring or something, I'm not really sure. To be honest everything is just a blur. But what I do remember is you looking at me and we made awkward eye contact. You knew I was hurt so you quickly looked away. Almost as quick as I ran to the bathroom, holding back the tears. I fell in love with a player. He knew I liked him and he said he liked me to. But I guess you like her more. But I don't blame you, she's gorgeous and smart and fun and everything a guy wants. I mean, why have me when you can have her, right?
guitar player problems#1
droping your pick in your guitar for what feels like the 50TH F**KING TIME

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