Plz Quotes

When I die, cremate me then snort my ashes.


"I think it's important to realize you can miss something, but not want it back."
( yalda )

I am beach deprived.

Oh, dont mind me.
I'm just using comic sans.
Don't worry.
I'm using them ironically.
can you not
can you no
can you n
can you
can yo
can y
can y
can yo
can you
can you s
can you st
can you sto
can you stop

Can anyone tell me how I can get more flexible? I am already pretty flexible but I want to be very flexible! Thanks love y'all:)
Would anybody like to text me?, im extremely bored!! plz im begging you haha
Can I be your giving tree?
Is anyone gonna be my vurlentine?
I'm gonna be lonley TT-TT

I have a question

So I'm dying my hair

And i need a color to choose from (this would help if you answer and your emo( jst cuz u have experience

I'm using Amplified®  hair dye.
heres the site im using:

Also my hair is brownish-redish-goldish so it kinda needs to match that.

And im not bleaching my hair jst using it alot....

thanks 😄

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