Pms Quotes

we were riding down the road on the way to school today and I looked at the license plate of the car beside me and it said PMS 8434, I started laughing then my sister said a man was driving which made me laugh harder, poor guy
Why is the cutting the only thing that calms me down?
When i'm PMSing:
I swear to god if one guy even thinks about saying 'ow' i will throw him through a window.

Did You Know?
The average female wishes she were male for about 12 weeks of the year.

That bittersweet, PMS-y, Taylor Swift music sorta mood
PMS jokes are awful.

When you get so upset your sister stole your tweezers that you make your dad drill a padlock on your closet door and you shove all your belongings in it.

vibrating tampons could cure the world of PMS

God: Hmmmm. I think I'll make all girls bleed from their vag/na monthly. Yeah, that seems fair.

day 1: Hey, guess what? You're not pregnant! Hold on, did you hear me? 
You're NOT pregnant!
day 2: You're not pregnant! You're not pregnant! You're not pregnant! yOUU'RE NnnoTTt PreGnANTTTttt,,,!!! Ooh, let me give you some killer cramps just to make sure that you know that you're not going to be carrying any babies. And whenever you laugh, sneeze, or get up after sitting for a long time--I'll have to project my red voice again loudly that you have no need to take a pregnancy test because you know how sometimes you don't hear things! Forget that swim party you were going to go to, no way you'll be able to have fun with my constant reminders, but you just need to know you aren't pregnant! I know you'll want to eat chocolate and stay in bed all day but please just remember you are NOTtttT PregNantttTT. NOTtttT PregNantttTT. 
day 3: You're not pregnant cha cha cha cha, cha cha! You're not pregnant cha cha cha cha, cha cha! You're not pregnant cha cha cha cha, cha cha! No fetuses in your uterus this month! Did you hear me this time, do I need to scream it again? YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT! Don't expect a bump on your tummy! Did I forget to mention that you're not pregnant?
day 4: Okay, I think you get the idea now. You're putting away your pads and tampons now but I'm not quite 100% sure I got my point across. I must remind you again and scream blaringly at you when you are the most unprepared that you are NnnoTTt PreGnANTTTttt,,,!!! Sorry if I stain your clothes.
day 5: My voice is tired. I hope I screamed loud enough so you'd know you are indeed not pregnant. My next visit is undetermined, but goodbye for now!
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