Poem Quotes

~\Your reservation has been taken, she's moved on/~

I know every action we make
creates a ripple effect
like a stone in a pond.
But you and I?
That would not create
a ripple.
That would create a tsunami.

-Though I'd Be Happy to Be Swept Away
She's trying to look through a window.
Like many, it is made of opportunities.
But it's most difficult, you see
because in the way, there sits a large box.
It is labelled, 'that night,' 
and despite her best efforts 
to keep it closed,
no lock she finds is strong enough,
and neither is she.


-You are Mistaken, and I am the Mistake

~The text I expected the least made me smile the most. Especially when I couldn't in the moment, on my own or from a certain someone~
I cant look at you the same anymore
Perhaps the actual problem is the inexcusable way
I have taught myself to love people.

If my heart was a flower it would be
an anomaly born without sepal or petals.

Whole pieces of my soul-gold invested
inside the bank of someone else’s heart.

I mean, Aphrodite never shows up at school,
book in hand, teaching love as the only real art.

There are no classes in the coping with the loss
of whole people, no warnings left on memory’s tombs.

They say love is what makes the world go round,
but no one ever leaves a note for us in the womb.

No instruction manual when we are born,
nor a how-to guide on the correct way to fall.

Nor one on how to barter pieces of yourself
without losing an eternity inside someone else’s soul.

I’m afraid this is why I have always been so lost.
I have been loved, and I have loved

but I never learned how to gracefully bear the cost.

In Which I Admit I Love Badly

~But the fake is a boy 💀Since when was the nibba gay? Prolly always since he cant keep a girl~ ••_CONTEXT_•• I was on my virtual childhood game and was virtually dating some guy for 30 mind and found out he was a player. i made a fake account to confirm and it was true. This is a legit text i texted my friend about him. Oops? #noregretslol

I thought I had found a swan
but it was a migrating snow goose.

I thought I was linked invisibly to another’s life
but I found myself more alone with him than without him.

I thought I had found a fire
but it was the play of light on bright stones.

I thought I was wounded to the core
but I was only bruised.

Denise Levertov, Epilogue

~Life's a rollercoaster, it'll suck waiting in line for the thrill, then you finally get to go on the crazy ride and youre all happy, then its over, but worry not. There's always more.~
~Out of a joke, I never thought I'd hear something so true.~

Me: "f you"
Him: "when and where"
Me: "Oh, God, No!"
Me: "No, I am reserved."
Him: "Reservations can always be canceled or taken."

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