Best Poem Quotes This Month

If I Could Baby I'd Give You My World
How Can I When You Won't Take It From Me?
If I Could Baby Id Give You My World
Open Up Everythings Waiting For You!

FleetWood Mac- Go Your Own Way..
 The People Who Say
That The Darkness
Cant Be Beautiful
Just Haven't Experienced
Or Learned How To Appreciate
And Love It On The Same Level
As Those Of Us
Who Have Experienced
And seen The Light

The beauty Within. 👁

Vincent Edgar Crow- The Beauty Of Darkness.. 

The Thunder Rolls
Disturbing The Peacefulness
Of The night.
As the lighting strikes
Light up the darkness
Splitting the night sky
With a blinding flash
I stand alone 
A storm raging deep insde
 As I look up into the night sky

 a flash blinds me for a moment
And in that moment i Realized
That like myself Mother nature
Needs to scream sometimes!..

 Vincent Crow- The Storm Within. (Possible Lyrics)
It's Like An Avalanche
Once You Fall
You're Swept Away
I Didn't Stand A Chance.
Left Hanging On
To Every Word
You Say.

Boston- Didn't Mean To Fall In Love

I Don't Know Why
Fortune Smiles On Some
And Lets The Rest
Go Free.

Don Henley/Eagles- The Sad Cafe.

So you live
from day to day
And you dream
about tomorrow
And the hours go
by like minutes
And the shadows
come to stay
So you
take a little something
to make them go away...

Eagles- Wasted Time 

Sometimes to keep it together
You got to leave it alone...

Eagles- Wasted Time

Everything has beauty, but not everone sees it. 
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