Best Poem Quotes This Week

                    The ocean is a beautiful thing
                    it can be calm and gentle
                    soothing your worries
                    erasing your fears.
                    And then, 
                    when you're least expecting it, 
                    it can turn wild and raging,
                    pulling you under, 
                    leaving you without air.
                    The ocean is a beautiful thing.

                    Kind of like you.

So what about the baby
Her small disfigured back
And all because her mother
Had smoked a little crack

And what about the baby
Who's laughter slowly fades
Who for the sins of others
Was sadly born with AIDS

And what about the young girl
That suffered such abuse
From someone in the family
There's simply no excuse

And what about the child
Who never had a dad
His therapist can't figure
Why he is always mad

And what about the housewife
Unloved and cheated on
All sense of worth or purpose
Has long been, long been gone

And what about the victims
Of hatefulness and crimes
Who never did recover
But suffer all the time

And what about the starving
There are around the Earth
Who've suffered destitution
Forever since their birth

It's such a simple answer
To just say
"Life's not fair"
So my friend Adrienne took a picture of
a bathroom stall at our school that someone wrote on.
This is what it said:

I loved her harder than rain.
and softer than night fell in the summer.
But I,
I am not soft.
I am car crashes and dirty needles.
And it's people like us whose
shoulders rust in the rain.

I have no clue who wrote that beautiful poem but it's simply stunning.


She' Dying
  to live, but she's dying to die.


Roses are red
Violets are blue
The bottom of my laptop
Is still hotter than you.

when I die
don't come to my grave
and sit there for hours
telling me how much you love
and miss me
because those are the things
I wanted to hear when
I still could hear


always remember who was there

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*On my deathbed*

Nurse: Do you have any last words?

Me: I………regret…being so…mean……and...heartless..

*The light goes out of my eyes*

*A small piece of paper falls out of my hand*

*The paper says one word only*


Isn't it weird
that we pay money to see other human beings?
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