Best Poem Quotes This Year

breathe me in, breathe me out
i don't know if i could ever go without

         Pearls are pieces of the moon that fell to earth 

         and were shaped by magic of the sea.              

love is the hardest drug to quit, but its even harder when its taken away </3
Gazing at the stars
Nature's sounds
Complete serenity
It's a date

\ ˈmachəˌtīn \
of a star: just before the dawn

93 percent stardust
we hace calcium in our bones, iron in
our viens, carbon in our souls, and nitrogen
in our brains.
93 percent stardust, with souls made of flames,
we are all just stars that have people names.

i. learning to love is

a          l     o     n     e     l     y          t     a     s     k

i am not 
loved like that

"no vacancy" hangs over my chest

"we have no room in this ghosttown for you"

ii. tempted
to trace hot lines of desire
streaking my sheets red
blistering beneath bluejeans

iiiyou were made for labor, not for love.
i whisper, 
pulling compression socks over swollen toes.

you were made for labor, not for love.
i hum,
silence nestling herself into my ribcage.

not for love. not for love.
my mouth is empty.
the endless warehouse shelves vibrate from boxes running along the roller tables,
tumbling head-over-bubblewrap into a truck driver's delivery route.

the bowed steel groans crookedly, promising
only for labor. only for labor.

iv. i've dreamed of summer romance.

how fitting i spend my time in a box
taping boxes shut
sending taped boxes into larger boxes
leave in a wheeled box
to come to a box where somebody lives.

my body-box is damaged goods
where is my sell-by stamp?

v.  i cannot learn to love.
i am only fit for labor.

i set the table for three:
my body-box, loneliness, and silence.

i do not make dinner.

best to leave the table unsatiated.

-help wanted, apply within (no vacancies)

original by shedreamer

i have loved the stars too fondly 
to be fearful of the night

I am always dreaming,
even when I'm awake;
it is never finished.


 As for you and your heart and the things you said and didn't say,
she will remember them all
when men are fairy tales in books written by rabbits

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