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You look so sad all the time, it makes me want to scream. I want to grab you by the neck and scream "Stop it! Stop this! Stop looking so f.u.cking sad all the godd.a.amn time!". I hate it so much, and you make me so angry because I am trying, okay? I am trying so d.a.mn hard to make you happy but still it isn't good enough because everything just turns to sh.i.t. I hate it most of all because the amount of times I have punched you has broken all my mirrors.

you can’t make homes out of human beings someone should have already told you that
and if he wants to leave
then let him leave
you are terrifying
and strange and beautiful
something not everyone knows how to love.
I ask did you ever love me?
you say of course, of course so quickly
that you sound like someone else
I ask are you made of steel? Are you made of iron?
You cry on the phone, my stomach hurts

I let you leave, I need someone who knows how to stay
I like his hands. I like the lack of warmth, how they are so cold and dry against my heated palm. I like how, gradually, they begin to warm from the radiation of my own nervous hands, and how he doesn't let go when my palm begins to slip with sweat. I like the sublte way in which he grasps my wrist, and how he will place my hand into his jacket pocket, so we can bask in the comfort of a secret. I like his hands, the roughness of his palm and the blue defintion of his veins, but I like them especially when they are holding mine. 
I lay in bed and watch the wall, where not much happens; not much at all. I feel so sick, I feel so dead - I'm told I'm just sick in the head. At I first I was sad, which soon lead to numb; my medication don't work and my therapist's dumb. But now I'm just tired - I'm not bothered at all, so I'll continue to lay and stare at the wall.
He had the bluest, saddest f.u.cking eyes. He was a vision of perfection, man, but I could never enjoy the view with all that melancholy seeping out his pores.

We will go night swimming and I will lose myself in the infinite greenness of your eyes, the density of your bones, and the soft, placid flesh that drapes across your skeleton. I will touch your chest and feel the endorphins that roll within your blood, and I will smile into you neck because I know that this irregularity is just for me.

Looking Forward:
Hopes are shattered, love is gone.
Life is broken, but look beyond.
The sun and moon will light your way.
Although it’s hard, don’t be dismayed.
Overcome the pain you feel.
Lift up your head, accept this deal:
You’re all you need to make you smile.
And love will come, if in a while.

oh, the silent room. it is so fantastic, so still and hushed but i feel the infinite buzz of lost static and it roars into my ears, my brain. i can feel the movement as it transcends from one being to another and i am all at once hearing the earth. i am hearing the cries of extinct things and of chernobyl and i can hear the leftovers of expired television shows that play on repeat in impoverished houses. i can feel the collision of a meteorite against the hard foundation of the earth, of where i am right now and it is so peaceful to be at one with the silence that is such an oxymoron unto itself. oh, the silent room; how loud it can be.
I feel like my emotions can run through tides of red. I am wrong, I know. But I can pretend, and I can be distracted by false relief.
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