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What did one ocean say to the other?
Nothing, they just waved. Like you, I guess.
Except you didn't wave, you didn't do anything. For me, there was no goodbye - there was nothing but an empty house and cold sheets. I cried for hours, enough salt water to create an ocean; enough to drown the entirety of Polynesia.

It's hard to adapt to being this cold after spending so long bathing in the sun. With you, I felt like the Mediterranean; light and warm, you induced a sleepy euphoria that no drug could ever give. And now, bitter and shivering, I feel like the Atlantic; cold enough to shock and kill.

What did one ocean say to the other?
Nothing, they said nothing.
Just left in the dead of night.

blood caked beneath my nails, it's worse than it looks. i don't dig my hands into old wounds, and i don't really care for killing - there's just an itch in the shallows of my skull, and i think i've dug too deep; i'm feeling kinda scared now, because i can see my brain, and it's full of so many things. it's sort of cramped, and it's kinda weird to think of your brain as an actual place instead of an actual brain, but it sort of is a place, because your brain holds memories and memories are just a bunch of places, really...right? the brain is a very big place, if you think about it, and that very big place is crammed and crushed into a very small space.
i want to feel the weight of your entire skull against the soft flesh of my stomach

and i want to kiss every crevice of your body twice over

and i want to catalogue the change in your eyes when you're happy, or sad, or angry

and your smile, oh god, you smile. there are so many of them, blinding like the sun or a small quiver of the lip - i want them all

i've built a house in my mind just for you,

an entire world that consists of utterly nothing but you

all sixteen hundred shades of your hair in the sunlight

every single one of your callouses

and each individual freckle

everything is there,

from the scar on your elbow to the dent in your nose

it's there
he was a neurotoxin, something to keep me going, and something to soothe my mind. he was excitingly illicit, some kind of crazed, psychotic stimulant for my mind. he bought euphoria, made me transcendent, and ripped the world apart. he made me feel like i could do anything; he removed the boundaries.

i was constantly moving. it hurt to stop, so i never did; even when i was sitting, my mouth would move at brute force, i'd talk for hours and hours - until my mouth was dry - to nothing but my furniture. and afterwards, when i lie in bed, i'd grind my teeth so hard they broke and filled my mouth with salt.

i didn't care; i was too numb to care.

one night, whilst i was vigorously picking at the skin of my elbow, i caught my face in the bathroom mirror, and that's when i noticed how pale and flushed i was. my skin was blotchy and scaling in places. here i had started to worry, because dilated pupils are not normal.

and then i went numb, not for a little bit but a very long while.

he touched my mind and it went blank. i do not mean like a canvas, a beautiful new beginning. but like a city, dilapidated and left to rot alone. every neurotransmitter stopped, went black like the Arctic in winter and i forgot how to breath, how to speak. i went lax like a infant and my mind pulsated with the wrath of a thunderclap.

i fell from the ceiling.

and then everything kick-started at once, my heart was beating a rhythm so catastrophic i felt like i was dying, my lungs burnt with the rush of air impacting inside of them, and my vision was so blurred i thought i was going blind. i started crying hysterically, twitching like an insect, my neck stiff and my organs loose, burning like carbon subnitride.

i degenerated quickly, ageing like a fly and then i crawled, seeking to be nurtured by Hypnos. he held me and i woke alone, old and saddened; my fixation was gone, and all i had to show was missing teeth.

i waded through the waters of Lethe, and followed Thanatos into the fields of Elysium.

Ever since the day you went away and left me lonely and cold My life just hasn't been the same ohh baby, noo Baby if I ever get the chance to be with you again I would sacrifice Cuz the feeling that I feel within No other man would ever make me feel so right Its nice to smile when I get your phone call at night But I'd rather have you here with me, right next to me I miss the way you hold me tight I gotta let you know I feel so weak without your touch I never thought that I could ever love a man so much I gotta let you know I think that we are destiny For you I'd cross the world, for you I'd do anything. 
i miss you ALWAYS :) <3 ;P
I ran. 
I panicked and I ran
Because she left.
Because she was supposed to be there and she left. I stayed for what felt like hours, shaking and frozen, before I burst - bloody and poisonous - and simply ran. At first I was hesitant, because what if she did come back? Then I would have left her. This thought was only brief, because the heart can overpower the brain and at this point my heart was screaming, screeching with aching palpitations, demanding that I leave now.

I ran until I reached the car park, and then I started to cry - thick, heaving, heavy - and my breath became laboured, asthmatic. My vision blurred; I could not tell what car was mine, but I had to get away; searching for anything familiar, I tugged on a vague black door - it was locked. My throat burned and suddenly my stomach was on the ground - bile, breakfast, and something terrifyingly red. A feat for my weak eyes, I saw her in the distance, and the desire to run increased astoundingly. But I couldn't run, and I couldn't face her. In that moment I wished I were blind, so I turned around and closed my eyes.
Okay, I don't want really young kids on here reading my poems and thinking that an eating disorder sounds glamorous or cute

I don't want to make pain look beautiful

So I really hope my poems are not making it seem that way, because that is not my intention
I love writing, and I love sharing my poems

But I hate the fact that I either probably
depress people or confuse them....

she was bred in the summer, during the solstice; the longest day, the hottest day. she entered the world sunburnt, with a peeling nose and flaking scalp.

and she had never once felt the cold, burning was the default and scolding was the peak. thermometers always broke; glass in her mouth, spirits on her tongue. sometimes it hurt, and always it was exhausting.

even in the snow, stripped bare, her skin was flushed - red as an english rose, freckled and bright - she shone with perspiration; sweat trailing into the dip of her mouth, the taste bitter like acidic rain. the surface of her cheek streaked with evaporated tears.

When she cries, the room becomes oppressive - her very own amazonia, right in the heart of manáos - and I am left, stuck on the bed as i wait for the the rain to stop choking me with its humidity. She apologises so much, always with such sincerity, it leaves my throat sealed and my mouth parched like uluru during mai wiyaringkupai.

she laughs though, often and always, and these days are best. the room becomes clear, bright with a pleasant heat - a picture perfect postcard. i love her laugh, it is brash and unapologetic and it makes me feel the sun; this is gravely important, as i have never felt the heart of summer, just as she has never felt the cold embrace of winter.

i hold her hand, and it is so hot in comparison to my own, i swear i see steam emerge from the spaces between our fingers. She smiles wide and her lip cracks down the middle, as dry as paranal. i want to kiss her. i really do.

i bet she tastes like the solstice; the longest day, the hottest day.

you melted
in my mouth
like chocolate
sweet, sticky,
you made me erode
like the teeth of a child
and still i asked for more.
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