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show me the corners of you
that no person has seen before
let me walk through the crevices
of your mind, searching
for the inner most thoughts
that make you up
let me search
the darkest alley ways with a light
and bring to the surface
everything you keep hidden
do deep inside
and let me open the doors
with a burning light behind them
that hold the dreams
you've barely admitted to yourself
let me memorize the lines in your hand
and the way your eyes change colors
as your mood changes
let me see you in the most
intimate ways
and the most innocent
show me the things no one
has taken the time to know
or you have refused to let out
show me the you no one
has ever seen before


I have not slept for 256 hours but I've never felt so awake. I think something might be wrong with me.
The Insomniac Mentality
la cinquième partie |
la finale

Swaying to the radio,
you say I'm your world
And I would have believed you,
if it weren't for all those girls
The joy I feel after I write a poem

Even if no one notices, each poem I write holds a special place in my heart

Each poem means something to me

Poetry is what I do best
I have not posted a poem in a while

Feels weird

there ain't much to say
and you know that it's true
cause every single day
I still think of you
I lay in bed for several days, blank, with watering eyes that do not see and a brain so calcined it is the colour of charcoal.
The Insomniac Mentality
la quatrième partie

I cannot shut my eyes but I can shut my brain and so for just a little while I break and concave until I lay, flat, against the abyss that is unconsciousness.
The Insomniac Mentality
la troisième partie

I am so tired, so deprived, but I cannot sleep even when I try. Thoughts turn and manifest and I always end up wide-eyed in the darkness, blinded by the hallway light that glares if I so much as twitch.
The Insomniac Mentality
la deuxième partie

I feel so deprived. my eyes ache and words swim like the fish down by the lake, slow and languid with no rhythm. Bouts of darkness great me when my eyes fall shut, and as if by reflex I jerk in my seat; forcing myself to reconnect with reality - heightening my deprivation and exhausting my exhaustion.
The Insomniac Mentality
la première partie

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