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  I got to thinking that poems were like people. Some people you got right off the bat. Some people you just didn’t get – and never would get.
I'm sorry that you do not understand me as a person, or the things I do, 
but the feelings do reciprocate, because I do not understand you,
I do not understand how or why you fell so in love with me, 
because you yourself said that I'm hard to understand and that I'm a mystery. 
I am an unsolved mystery, 
I cannot solve myself nor can you solve me, 
I'm here one day and gone the next, 
it's like I vanish into thin air, 
slowly then all at once I will disappear. 
There will be no untrue excuses or silly explanations, 
I am just impulsive, I am my own unique creation,
there is no one that is quite like me,
and I'm sure with that you could agree, 
because I am Destinee and I'm just an unsolved mystery. 

Hey guys! 

I posted the first poem of the series: Her.
As I looked onto my profile, you had to click on the post; to see the poem itself.
Luckily, Google drive allows you to give links to people to view it, I will put up
all the links down below, and to maybe make it easier the file: Her. :)!

The folder of Her : 


However, if it does not work; please comment on this quote so I can maybe,
try to figure something else out, for you guys to view the poems.

But I can hide, with doors wide open. Each lie I tell is each word spoken.
Love is when you look at me and I no longer feel like crying.

I'm trying to forgive people who will never say sorry
it's not working.

And that’s when I understood that hurricanes are named after people because the DESTRUCTION they cause is the


You deserve the good things. 

I promise they’re not so scary when you no longer hear the voice that tells you you don’t deserve the lights.

"You deserve to see the lights."

I sat, glassy and vague, with a golfball in my throat and needles in my eyes.
My skin felt tight, so I cut around the edges. The next day, she sewed it back together; she sewed it so much tigher.
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