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Love is when you look at me and I no longer feel like crying.

I'm trying to forgive people who will never say sorry
it's not working.

And that’s when I understood that hurricanes are named after people because the DESTRUCTION they cause is the


You deserve the good things. 

I promise they’re not so scary when you no longer hear the voice that tells you you don’t deserve the lights.

"You deserve to see the lights."

I sat, glassy and vague, with a golfball in my throat and needles in my eyes.
My skin felt tight, so I cut around the edges. The next day, she sewed it back together; she sewed it so much tigher.
In her shadow, I wilted in the summer. Mother tried to help, but the more she watered me the more I drowned.
"We stem from a root
planted in the belief that
we are not what we were called.
We are not abandoned cars
stalled out and sitting
empty on some highway.
And if in some way we are,
don't worry.
We only got out to walk
and get gas.
We are graduating members from
the class of
We Made it.
Not the faded echoes of voices crying out:
"Names will never hurt me."
But of course, they did.
But our lives will only ever
continue to be a balancing act,
that has less to do with pain,
and more to do with beauty."
~Shane Koyczan, To This Day
we lay in bed, watching as the sun counted down time, and i remember how calm - how loved - i felt just because the warmth of your skin was seeping into mine. i remember the way you looked at me, with such simple adoration that I felt sick; no one has looked at me like this before, as if i'm important. i could feel myself crying - ugly and harsh - and then you had cradled my face - had said "please, don't cry. you don't deserve to" and i crumbled like an avalanche. the way you held me was unreal; i felt loved and secure, but mostly i felt wanted. i wanted this moment to last me forever.

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