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what is this feeling?
is it love?
if so,
why does it hurt?
i have broken
each and every
individual finger
so that they may be longer
and i can finally play for you.
as a child, i did exercises
and i played often, but still,
i could only play an octave
because my hands were small
and my fingers were short
even so, i tried for many months,
but my patience was thin.
i have now stretched the tendons,
in a series of agonising surgeries, so that
i can span a thirteenth - just like Rachmaninoff.
sometimes the tune is woeful, and hard to endure
as my hands begin to hurt,
and my fingers are set to ruins.
yet, of course,
i continue to play,
just for you.
And I dream
of long, hazy days
drenched in sunshine
and rose water
that reflects
the blue hues
of the evening sky

I never thought of the phrase "love at first sight" when I saw you that night
...But maybe "desire at first sight" is a better comparison to the thunder and lightning I felt in my chest.
'Cause I swear to pluto and back I desired you to be mine with my whole being as soon as I laid brown eyes on you.
And God, you are the most extraordinary collection of atoms I've ever seen. 
Words are pushed into my mouth,
and like a kick in the teeth, I feel my gums start to bleed as enamel cracks and crushes into the soft flesh of my palate. It hurts so much, I'm dripping with blood and tears of pain but still the words are shoved further, until I am gasping and gagging - choking on miscommunications and my own broken teeth. My tongue is swelling - becoming grotesquely engorged - and perhaps this is good - words cannot be spoken without a tongue, and thus no further words can be shoved and crowded into my unwilling mouth.
and the tide,
it pulls me in
it seeps into the land beneath,
genteel and unassuming,
and pulls back
gaining force, momentum
before colliding
the sting is very real,
and my shallow breathing is very real
but everything else,
all of this panic and danger,
is a mere figment of my imagination
Taken for granted, all my promises - achievements and success - are spat back into my face. The words scathe and burn the flesh, scalding and peeling. I hurt and I ache, whilst insults slide down my face in rivets.
Is this the reward?
you embrace my face, and the touch is enough to set me crying - big, fat tears roll down the swell of my cheeks, and my mouth is very rapidly resembling something akin to a rubber band. snot runs into my open mouth, and immediately mortification blooms. i must look awful - eminently puce and forlon, as if i were a friendless child. yet still, you continued to look at me as if i had set the sun and pulled upon the moon.
And there must be a reason why no one ever says goodbye
"Promise me you won't do it again"
I can't promise that, and if I do it won't mean anything at all
because no matter how much I promise, or swear
this entire conversation won't mean anything at all
at four in the morning, when I'm feeling like sh..it and wanting to die.
I won't be able to talk to you, because you are sleeping, unperturbed,
whilst I fight the conflict in my mind. I know I will feel guilty, because I had promised,
even though it was nothing to me, it was to you. and
I know you will be disappointed, perhaps angry, and infinitely sad
and I know you will cry, almost as much as me
but in this moment, I'm being selfish,
I'm thinking of no one but myself, and in this moment,
right now, I need release

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