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If I were him I certainly would be thinking of you
Dropping leaves turning colors
So cold
Dreams of what might have been
So much nothingness
Daemons grotesque ravaging raging
Moving on
The past of the future looking forward with hope
So slowing at first
The future of the past looking back in tears
Minutes turn to hours
Breathless I wait
Weeks turn to years
My strength gone
Normal again
Monsters trolls under the bridge keep watch
Forgiveness for me to give not you to ask
You passed by the other day
I wish I did not know
I fell to the ground and could not stand
You never said good bye
I thought I was free
It was so long ago

Such tears
Such loss
Memories fading one by one
Here I am
Screaming but no one hears

Will you recognize me?
Our heartbeat greets us
You of countless friends
All wanting to be near you
The heart the broken the whole
One by one

My eye lashes flutter
to beat away memories
Tears coursing down my cheeks
The we of I sees the little one so long ago
Her hiding so she would not be found
Betrayed by those who should have known
Wind rain storm lightening raging
The cliff walls crumbled
to form the sills of hell
The prisoner freed her tears
replaced with smiles
One by one the we of I
vanish away
leaving only her
Too many lost moments waiting hoping

I'm watching this man who's so into his phone, not saying hi, giving no reaction,

you'd tell him no electronics aloud but for all you know that could be his only distraction. 


Then there's the woman who could be an actress playing a smile,

she looks happy, yet she's still in this room, I bet she's been hurting for a while.


Another lady, seeming classy with her high heel shoes,

it's 70 degrees yet she wears a warm jacket to cover the wounds.


Even this little girl who's so new to this life,

here she asks why her own mother doesn't treat her right.


You can't forget the boy who's had alcohol in his system since he was 10,

worst part is it was out of peer pressure and doctors have been trying to save him since who knows when.


Finally the average teenager greeting everyone with a pout,

yet nobody knows how many times he's tried taking the easy way out.


you never know what people are going through,

everyone carries a weightful burden, even you.

no one is perfect, everyone feels their own sense of pain,

but you could never have a rainbow, without any rain. 

  I got to thinking that poems were like people. Some people you got right off the bat. Some people you just didn’t get – and never would get.
I'm sorry that you do not understand me as a person, or the things I do, 
but the feelings do reciprocate, because I do not understand you,
I do not understand how or why you fell so in love with me, 
because you yourself said that I'm hard to understand and that I'm a mystery. 
I am an unsolved mystery, 
I cannot solve myself nor can you solve me, 
I'm here one day and gone the next, 
it's like I vanish into thin air, 
slowly then all at once I will disappear. 
There will be no untrue excuses or silly explanations, 
I am just impulsive, I am my own unique creation,
there is no one that is quite like me,
and I'm sure with that you could agree, 
because I am Destinee and I'm just an unsolved mystery. 

Hey guys! 

I posted the first poem of the series: Her.
As I looked onto my profile, you had to click on the post; to see the poem itself.
Luckily, Google drive allows you to give links to people to view it, I will put up
all the links down below, and to maybe make it easier the file: Her. :)!

The folder of Her : 


However, if it does not work; please comment on this quote so I can maybe,
try to figure something else out, for you guys to view the poems.

But I can hide, with doors wide open. Each lie I tell is each word spoken.
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