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The walls you stand behind are wearing thin, and hopeless, I beg for you to let me inside. I have been trying so hard to keep in time with the words that flow from your mouth; the things you cry behind these walls when you think I cannot hear. sometimes I hear you cry about me, and that is when I think that maybe you are both blind and deaf to the fact that I have already destroyed so many things for you. What more can I do? I am sorry that standing outside of your walls is exhausting; that being vulnerable and open is exhausting. Waiting for you, I think I'll have to build some walls of my own.

i am a house made of concrete and many do not bother to visit. but i feel like a window when he looks at me. i feel so transparent, so raw and clear. i cannot hide at all. and when he looks at me - truly looks at me - he looks past all of the dirt and shards of broken glass. he crawls through the window, cutting his hands, until i can feel him sitting within the house of my soul.
He watched you smile he watched you cry,now it's time for your final good bye, he found someone new, all done with you, someone he can tell all his secrets to. You sit and you weep yet you can't get any sleep, pictures of him is all you keep, you sit and remember a time in December ,he says she's cute he says she's fine, tells the whole world "yup she's mine" you try and find a place in time when his smile used to shine just like how it is now when he calls her mine, now you're left alone, all silent in your home, left to ponder and dwell, locked inside this hell. You grab the pen, sign your name, now it will never be the same.gone forever, feeling left to die, slowly silently you whisper goodbye.
 Something was and wasn't there between us
something went on and went away.

I remember the sky, as it dimmed to dark blue, and how all at once, I had felt one with you. I remember the bed, unmade and small, and the faintest of shadows that painted your wall. I remember the garden, the grass and the due, and sitting to watch the sunrise with you. I remember this space, open and clear, and all of the things you would whisper in here.

I remember the day when you said you had to go, but the reason of which I still do not know.
I would strip my skin off for you. I would let you see me, whole, with no inhibitions. I would strip my skin off for you, leaving nothing left but flesh and bone, and the tendons that flex beneath my muscle. I would let you view me in this state, entirely bare and vulnerable, and I will do it because you have simply asked. I would endure the stares and the ridicule, the sneering and the harassment, because I am doing this for you; because you asked me to. The difference is, as I streak blood throughout the house and my skin slowly dries within the closet, you will do nothing. You will not reassure me and you will hardly look my way. I have felt that recently, you have wanted to see me as a half. You no longer wish to see me as I am, but instead hidden in plain sight, shrouded in my skin. I have ground embarrassed and ashamed, but I can no longer go back; I no longer fit within my skin. I wish I could grow it back, to hide again. Perhaps then you will start loving me.

Friendship is like a glass
once its fractured you can put it back together
 but it will always have cracks in it.

You look so sad all the time, it makes me want to scream. I want to grab you by the neck and scream "Stop it! Stop this! Stop looking so f.u.cking sad all the godd.a.amn time!". I hate it so much, and you make me so angry because I am trying, okay? I am trying so d.a.mn hard to make you happy but still it isn't good enough because everything just turns to sh.i.t. I hate it most of all because the amount of times I have punched you has broken all my mirrors.

you can’t make homes out of human beings someone should have already told you that
and if he wants to leave
then let him leave
you are terrifying
and strange and beautiful
something not everyone knows how to love.
I ask did you ever love me?
you say of course, of course so quickly
that you sound like someone else
I ask are you made of steel? Are you made of iron?
You cry on the phone, my stomach hurts

I let you leave, I need someone who knows how to stay
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