Poetry Quotes

                                    Down where the mermaids
                                    Pluck and play
                                    On their twangling harps
                                    In a sea-green day...

'Twas Thomas Edison did declare
That waste is worse than loss
Yet never thought it fit to pare
His first name to Tomás
You Go Girl
You go girl
Expression of approval
You're doing well
Fellow possessor of ovaries
You go girl
Empirico-metaphysical observation
You and your nails keep on moving
Through space, time, and Goddess knows what
You go girl
Requested action
Please take that attitude
Somewhere else honey
You go girl
Poetic sentiment
You decide to walk with mouth open
Bright color on your lips

Scratch my heart to find
The roots of last year’s roses in my breast;



22 December 2018

I imagined     my mind knowing better          felt
my viscera quiver.      the birds get     startled
into flight     though     always round-trip.
it’s good to be     home alone          not that you would
if I had     anything to do about it          but
we make do.            life sucks
its thumb.      you’re right where
you’re meant to be.      who’s to say blankets
aren’t party dresses     or that eyes
can only wet     in one way.
gloveless     in this eventide chill.
luckily     we aren’t parting thickets
for interstices          for clarity.
I empathise with     the trees that bend
out of light’s way     at least till rough
limbs creep up     gently
against glass they     refuse to crack.
dirty bedroom window     remains so.      it treasures
the head that rested on it     oil and all     pondering
the ease with which     we dance     around naked intention.
show me     it’s possible to live     and for quite a while
without flowering     a new wound.
how lovely we are     in our natural state.
taste of raw     tongue on my     tongue          waves
fragile at our feet.      we stay dipped     long enough for
our digits     to grow old          shrivel without
fear.      something once felt     too cruel to endure.
I would not have chosen     to float
if given the option.            but now          i’ll swim.

I don't look at the world the way I once did.
I use to find words in silent places,
like the space between two yearning hands,
or the waiting room of a hospital.
Lately I only see in black and white,
lately, I don't find poetry between the lines.
Lately I find myself becoming more and more unfeeling.
You can call something home, and still feel
okay to leave for a while.

That is why I always return here.
I don't want to be a flower, I want to be an evergreen
Don't tell me I must die and come back only in Spring
I want to breathe in the cold of winter and live in the tears of autumn
I want to watch cities crumble, and people rebuild what's left
There are meteors waiting to collide with us,
this is just the beginning.
I don't want to be a flower, I want to be an evergreen
I'm tired of having wilted petals, and tender hands caressing me
I am sturdy, I hold my own
I want to constantly renew myself until the rest of the world
doesn't stand a chance.
i believe when angels are bored they watch the story of you two coming together on repeat. heaven knows, for her, there is no other place safer than your arms; for her, your leather-jacket breath is paradise enough.

—SADE ANDRIA ZABALA, praying for william
if there is a light then i am going to s w a l l o w  i t.
if there is a god then i’m going to m a k e  h i m  c r y.
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