Politics Quotes

The cleaner the dirty work, the dirtier the clean.
'Small is beautiful' is big and getting bigger.
People who say 'Let's not point fingers' are pointing talons.

Fiduciary Responsibility
Isn’t it interesting how T Rump claims to have a “fiduciary responsibility” to pay as few taxes as possible? Remember that he forgot all about and even actively denied his fiduciary responsibility to his investors and creditors and used the bankruptcy courts four times to avoid those responsibilities and to avoid paying those people what he owed them to the tune of 1.5 billion. Is that really the kind of person some people think should be given the highest office in our land? He’s obviously the kind of person who only thinks of himself. He is about as far away from a “public servant” as you can get. We don’t need to let him anywhere near our country’s money. We don’t need to allow him access to rip off our whole country the way he has ripped off his own business associates in the past. That guy is pure, capitalist evil. Any country that gives a guy like that power deserves whatever pain they get for it.

I had a hidden agenda, but I forgot where I hid it.

Political Poem
The renowned rat race is about to begin;
honestly I don't care for any of them to win.
Because truth be told, as a matter of fact,

the winner of the race is merely a rat.


Clinton supporters say it will be a complete disaster if Trump is elected.

Trump supporters say it will be a complete disaster if Clinton is elected.

Do you know what?

They’re both right!
Make America great—by not electing frauds. This person walked away from Atlantic City with hundreds of millions while his investors lost 1.5 billion, and he used the bankruptcy court four times to prevent those investors from touching him. We don’t need to let this person anywhere near our country’s money.

getting reasonably bored of being called "commie scum" now. was vaguely funny at first but now it's just being used by 'friends' to scapegoat my opinions and make them a laughing stock.
Political parties should be banned. Political parties have no part in a democracy. We don't elect parties. We elect people.

The ultimate outcome of the long influence of parties on our system has apparently amounted only to preventing work from being done.

Elected public servants are afraid to acknowledge any good idea proposed by a person in a different party, even if they agree with the idea, and even if the people that elected them agree with the idea!

Political parties are not like sports teams. We don't have to feel obligated to stick by them and root for them no matter how sucky they get.

Every candidate should be considered individually, untainted by the stain of party affiliation.

Every idea should be considered for its merit, unpolluted by the stink of party origination.

Political parties should be banned.
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