Politics Quotes

This campaign hears the voices of the outraged and the marginalized. 

(Then again, this campaign hears voices generally.)
You can question a person's opinion and reasoning without questioning their patriotism (although it's only one more question, so it's not like questioning their patriotism is that much extra work).
Policy bias n.  Policy not by us.
If an issue is a cause célèbre, but mostly for people who use the term 'cause célèbre,' you can safely ignore it.
With no jihadists or virgins there, how bad can hell be???
You can't make this stuff up.  Making this stuff up is a violation of Title 18, Section 1001 of US federal law.
I strongly support creation of the United States Space Force, and I am prepared to nominate several officials for immediate deployment.
A mnemonic verse to help one remember not to commit genocide:

Only a creep'll
Annihilate a people

When you reach common ground, check to make sure you're not sinking.
Persist in assisting those who insist on resisting!
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