Prepared Quotes

"Jυѕт тєƖƖ мє ωнєη I
cαη σρєη му єуєѕ
αηɗ яєαƖιzє
I'νє ɗιєɗ"


Life is not complicated.
You are complicated.
Want less and you will have less to accomplish.
Want more and be prepared to struggle for it.
I have a lot of time on my hands,
So be prepared for eternity of me telling you how beautiful you are.
So guys I have a soccer game today and I'm playing my school and dear jesus what if the guy I like plays soccer I'm not prepared for this.

Beautiful pictures
are developed from
negatives in a dark room....
So if you see darkness in your life,
be reassured that a beautiful
picture is being prepared.
It's all survival of the fittest.
Animals think that way, and humans are animals. We can be sophisticated and turn savage at any moment. You just gotta be prepared and strong enough to take all the blows and more. Whomever takes the most blows will make history in one way or another. With some people or others. You will never be known if you break under the pressure. You'll just be trampled on underfoot if you don't get up quick enough. So stay strong and prepared. Never back down.
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