Princecharming Quotes

And just when I feel like giving up, he comes
into my life and changes my mind

i just need to rant about something right now. i hate how everybody
says that prince charming in cinderella got his dad to throw a
party so he could find a hot girl to marry (ikr, it's stupid). NO!
apparently nobody listens to the king and the duke's conversations.
at the beginning of the movie, the king was complaining to the duke
that he wanted grandchildren. his solution to that was to throw a
ball for the prince and invite all the women in the kingdom hoping
his son would fall in love with someone. but the duke told the king
that the prince wouldn't fall in love if he was forced to. so the king
told prince charming that the ball was to celebrate that the prince
returned form a trip. so no, prince charming is not some conceited
douchbag who only cares about looks. just saying.



I guess if true love was easy then we'd all have it.

Stop waiting for Prince Charming and go find him,the poor idiots probably stuck in a tree or something

He's My Prince Charming
but am I
his Cinderella?
                                                   I have that love that every girl dies for.
We’ve been together for two and a half years now, and he makes me happier than I could explain to anyone. We have our future all planned out. We are the high school sweethearts, we’re the love everyone hopes they can find. He makes me so unbelievably happy, randomly buys me presents, holds my hand in public, wouldn’t even think about cheating or flirting with another girl, and most importantly I am in love with him. His eyes, his smile, his laugh, and our “I love you more” fights. I’ve never been so close to anyone before in my whole life, he is truly my best friend. We do everything together and life wouldn’t be the same without him. We only fight about really dumb things and make up in an hour. He is my hero and my inspiration. He is truly what I live for, and I promise all you girls who think you will be alone forever, I used to think that, and one day out of nowhere, along came my Prince Charming. Words cannot describe how lucky I am to have met this boy. Sometimes I may take all this for granted, but the things this boy does for me, and the way he puts up with my insecurities is truly beautiful; our love is beautiful.

One day your
prince will come.

Mine just took a
wrong turn,
got lost, and is too stubborn to
ask for directions.
If I had a boyfriend
I would love him no matter what
I would send him cute messages
I would cheer him up
I would make him the most delicious sandwich ever
I would do things I like but I would also do things he likes
I would be myself
I would let him hang out with his friends when he wants to
I would let him talk to girls and I may get a bit jealous but I wouldn't let it ruin our relationship because I know I would be his special girl
I would hug him
I would surprise him
I would watch a movie with him and hog the blanket
I would always be there for him and not get mad if he doesn't respond to my texts right away
I would trust him
I would dance with him and if he was bad I would teach him how
I would make him laugh when he's having a bad day
I would kiss him to show him how much I care
I would draw him pictures even though I'm not very good at drawing
I would write him letters and poems
I would just make sure he's happy and if not I would comfort him
I would playfull tease him
But I don't have a boyfriend

if you are my
Prince Charming
i'll be your
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