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A day care was raided by police when a three year old was resisting a rest.
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- All Time Low

"Get Down On Your Knees and Tell Me You Love Me"|Dirty Work

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A big shoutout to elevators for always picking me up when i'm down.

Why can't a seagull fly over the bay?

Because then it would be a bagel.
Didn't go to the gym today,

but ............

the cashier's name
at Mcdonalds was
Jim sooo.
Same thing.


with great power comes a great electricity bill

My dad: So your sister is trying to talk mom into getting another cat-
Me: That's going to be a CATastophe. ⌐■-■
My dad:…ಠ_ಠ
Me: You really shouldn't talk to me if you don't want me to do that.

but why would we remove the wisest of our teeth


What do you call a sick eagle?


eating clocks is really time consuming


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