Quiet Quotes

the earth has music
for those who listen

I don't really know why I bother talking. 
I get talked over by everyone I care about. 
I barely have a voice. 
I'm a listener. 
I'm to quiet. 
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I don’t know, I don’t want
to talk as much…It’s
nicer to think, dear,
pretty thoughts and
keep them in one’s heart,
like treasures. I don’t like
to have them laughed
at or wondered over.
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sometimes quiet is violent


Why don't you speak it out loud
instead of living in your head?

Sometimes quiet is violent.
I am so incredibly quiet

for all the noise
that exists in my head
Whenever someone asks me why I do not talk more or wonders why I am so quiet and kind of makes me feel bad about it
I really want to ask them
how come they do not talk less
It would probably help them 

to practice silence for once
Just because someone cannot hear you
does not mean they are not listening 
I used to hate how quiet I was
Now I see it as a perk
not a flaw

it makes me more creative

it makes me more focused

some people are loud
and some are not
and some talk constantly 
and are confident
and some people are shy
and just like to be quiet
and that is perfectly okay
it is not weird to be quiet
or rude to be quiet
I consider it a positive quality
in a world
where so many people
never seem to stop talking
being quiet does not mean you do not like to talk
I do talk
I just do not talk often. I respond to questions and compliments and greetings
I can talk about specific things, with certain people, and people I feel comfortable talking to
Some days I do not actually talk to anyone and I just write
I cannot just talk to anyone, and I never do
And it is not being rude
Being quiet is not a flaw
And not everyone communicates by constantly talking
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