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                                                   " im selfish, impatient, and insecure. i make mistakes, i am out of
                                                         control and at times hard to handle. but if you cant handle
                                                               me at my worst, then you sure as hell dont deserve
                                                                                             me at my best "

one direction
fall out boy
ed sheeran
florence + the machine
ella henderson
shailene woodley
emma watson
tom felton
ansel elgort
jennifer lawrence
josh hutcherson
marilyn monroe
boris laursen
harry potter
the fault in our stars
the perks of being a wallflower
recess (the show)
mexican food
italian food

that girl who pretends shes perfect but we all know shes not. you know the one im talking about. 
other crap

yeah. bye.
deal with it.

stop reading now.

fine. ily. please read my crap. thanks x

Ƭнєяє ιѕ 1 тнιηg ǀ нανє 2 ѕαу to you,
ǀ'νє gσт 3 Wσяɗѕ 4 уσυ...

Yσυ Aяε Bεαυтıғυʟ

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Make vanilla pudding. Put in a mayo jar. Eat it in public.
Buy a parrot, teach him to say: "Help! I've been turned into a parrot!"
When you wait for a waiter in a restaurant, aren't you a waiter?
Perhaps Voldemort's face is flat because he ran into the wrong wall at the train station.
Hey movies, so I'm on here every once and a while but if you can ready my story called "keeping it in" on quotev.com my user in there is clearlytruthful just like it is in here. Its kinda been like my other way to get my emotions out because everyone thinks its just a story, stuff is fictional and over exageratrd but the main ideas of everything are true so please read it.
- one direction♡
- ed sheeran♡
- little mix♡
- florence+the machine♡
- fall out boy♡
- nickelback♡
- mcr♡
- p!atd♡
- wifi♡
- youtube♡
- tumb|r♡
- food♡
- boys in beanies♡
- mexican food♡
- boys with dark hair and light eyes♡
- blue eyes♡
- starbucks♡

reasons i wish to die:
- school✗
- b|tches who think their better than everyone else✗
- wannabes✗
- vegetables✗ 
- carrots✗ 
- b|tches who think it's okay to create drama for no fvcking reason✗
- too much other sh|t✗

not much more to say. thanks for reading, comment in my guestbook 'fluffy unicorns' if you got this far.
thanks to anyone who puts up with my sh|t. yeah. love them. bye babes x

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