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everyone has a 2am and a 2pm personaility 
it's been 6 long years, do people still use this?

I remember 2016 like it was yesterday...

Hello peoples!! Sorry for any late replies. Follow me on Wattpad. I respond a lot quicker on that app. My username is skylayn1001. Thanks!
life is a blind roller coaster...but even roller coasters have rails.
Pizza cakes need their filling like geeks need cheese.
I rather be a needle in a haystack than a haystack in a needle.
When life gives you lemons make apple juice
Why I like witty? cause i can say how I really feel about people and people not knowing who I am talking about or who I am.
And All Those Never Ending Talks N Laughter Has Turned Only To Wishing Each Other On Our Birthdays
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