Best Reading Quotes Ever

If I were the guy who made
the "Where's Waldo" books, I would have totally made a page where Waldo wasn't there.


Reading a foreign language you're trying to learn: This is so easy! I understand so much of this
Trying to construct sentences in that language: What am I doing? Jesus take the wheel, where is Google Translate?

Me: *Reading a book*
Person: What are you reading?
Me: *holds up book while continuing to read*
Person: Oh yeah, I read that book! Did you get to the part where ________ dies?


 i reallhatiwhei'readinbook
  and i picture the whole setting a certain way in my head and then the author mentions  
  something which completely messes up the way i view the room or scene
  like a door on the left side instead of the right or a window which is only small instead of  
  ceiling to floor
  like cmon now i have to completely renovate the landscape in my brain

Do you ever wonder how an author would describe you?
Not only your appearance, but the way you talk and laugh and hold yourself and all the expressions on your face?
Math teacher: Reading is hard
Classmate: Reading isn't hard
Math teahcer: A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y?
Math teacher: What do you mean sometimes?
Math teacher: That's like saying that speeding is sometimes illegal.

How to Read a Good Book:

Step 1: Read book
Step 2: Finish book
Step 3: Wander around in a confused stupor for a week and question your entire existence and every decision you've ever made

omfg today in English class we were talking about reading books
and some girl shouts ”BOOKS SUCK” and the quietest girl in my
class says ”yeah almost as much as you do on the weekends” even the teacher laughed omfg

I was "the kid" who

got in trouble for


past my



Favorite books, anyone?
I'm out of books...

And if you don't mind,
Tell me the author of the book also...

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