Regret Quotes

There are certain
that will always
taste like regret and
stomach acid
on my tongue.

Michelle K.


the honest to
              GOD TRUTH IS              
that i'm mad at myself. I SHOULD'VE KNOWN BETTER.


I hate who I'm becoming
I don’t want to have to be the one who mourns everything when everyone else has clearly forgotten. It’s mortifying. It’s mortifying to be the one who remembers.


I came to realize that there were some things in life you would never get over, some transgressions you could not forget or forgive yourself for, some pains that would not pass, some people you would never stop missing.

Nowadays every time we see each other, after I leave you I go home with the miserable feeling that I’m slow and dense about everything. I review things I’ve said, and come up with all the bright and witty things I should have said, and I feel like kicking myself because I didn’t mention them when we were together.


so, the guy I liked told me he broke up with his girlfriend. he was sending me innapropriate things, wanting to get with me. he blocked me. and went to my mom's work (which he knew my mom worked there, and that I was close with everyone there) WITH his longterm girlfriend who he lives with. all of that happened within like 24 hours. I have the worst luck with men.

Don't cry because you know 
that his love has slipped away.
Because he used to be a boy who
watched the sun rise every day.
One morning I sat with him
and I was entirely in awe.
But the boy had viewed it so
much that 6 six a.m. was all he saw.
You are a brilliant sunrise, with
your darkness-breaking light.
I know he has forgotten days without
you are cold and long dark nights.
He cannot see your beauty,
he has taken you for granted;
but that doesn't mean you have
failed to leave others enchanted.
You deserve love from someone who
will appreciate how you always rise again.
I hope he regrets ever coming to see you
as just another six a.m.

I f.ucked myself over by choosing to love you because there’s a piece of myself I’ve never been able to get back. You took it with you when you left. You put it in your pocket or on some high, high shelf where I’ll never be able to reach it no matter how hard I try. It sits there, collecting dust and being unused. To be honest I’m not even sure I’d recognize that piece of me if I did see it ever again, even though I know I won’t.

                               —Kendra Syrdal




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