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Anyone else show up back here during quarantine after like, six years of real life and what feels like fifteen extra years worth of drama, trauma and anxiety? 

I have always been awkward in my human. Some people love themselves easily. For me, it feels strange, like kissing with braces. – A.G.

i hate how when im trying to do my eyeliner when i mess up i just make the wing bigger to cover it up and then i mess up again and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger until idek who i am anymore.

People say they wouldn’t change a thing– even if they could... oh but I would. Yes, I’d do a lot of things different.
I worry about what someone thinks of me, even when I know I'll never see them, or speak to them again.

"ƁυΡ‚ Ρ‚нєяє'Ρ• ρΡ”σρΖ–Ρ”


Ρ‚Π½αΡ‚ ησΠ²σΙ—Ρƒ Ρ•Ρ”Ρ”Ρ•,

Ρ•σ ησΠ²σΙ—Ρƒ cαяєѕ

"𝒯𝒽𝑒𝓇𝑒'π“ˆ π“ƒπ‘œπ“‰ π“‚π“Šπ’Έπ’½ π“‚π‘œπ“‡π‘’ π“‰π’½π’Άπ“‰ πΌ π’Έπ’Άπ“ƒ π’»π’Άπ“€π‘’"


"You keep a lot to yourself because it's difficult to find people who understand."


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