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no one more kindness with you than God
he is compassionate...he deserves love and obedience
avail yourself and do not wait anyone 
you`ll let down yoursef if they let you
whatever I love you and you love me
My love will remain and my parent is the first love
I`d like to kiss your lip Habibi
Do not blame me because I love you
my heart
I need a reminder that I matter 
I can not see straight lately.

 I still feel your breath on my skin
I hear your voice deep within
the sound of my lover 


I looked for

your name

on the

Ouija Board


your naked magic,

Dear Lord



Sent from heaven

I'm sorry for leaving
I'm sorry with one foot out the door
I'm unapologetically sorry for everything
Maybe more than anything, sorry you love me


What's the allure
of inconsequential love?

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