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if y-e-s spell yes then what does e-y-e-s spell
Karate Joe is my dad
I just wanted you to tell me not to fart in the orbeez
I just wanted you to tell me not to fart in the orbeez
i cant help it, im so deeply in love with you i just cant....i need you

Yogurtland Menu Price List

It would be much appreciated if you all helped me 
and I'd return the favor if needed.

' Brandon, Katie's love for you so big 
it has reached,....(your location) '

You would then send it to me, 
either via email, facebook, twitter or instagram. <3 

I need them before Tuesday, as it's a Valentines Day gift for him.

*All's I'm asking is for it be outside.*

won't fly it's 
like I'm PARALYZED by it.


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So i am doing this thing for my fiance for Valentines Day, would any of you be willing to do it for me and i'll return the favor?! Can you make a picture that says "Brandon, Katie's love for you is so big that it has reached,..... (your location) " and you can send me the photo via instagram or however other way we can. please and thank you. ❤

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