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1.21.17 Part 2

Are we all really, truly happy?
Or is that just some sick, twisted myth
that we all tend to believe?

1.21.17 Part 1

I fear all happy, for that is what
i'll never have in my life.

~Dating gives us a chance to experience some new people and new feelings. I don't think it's a waste of time. We learn from what we do, or what others are capable of. It opens our eyes.~
please just listen

no i didnt say i dont love you anymore
no i didnt say that we should break up
no i didnt say that i dont need you anymore

please, listen to me
~So much for being happy and hopeful...~
"Stay a Little Longer?"         5.6.16

You notice the little details I place.
Out of nowhere,
Out of space.
I find it cute,
I find it adorable.
It's no wonder 
you're found so lovable.
There's a million things
I like about you.
There's a million things
I want to do with you.
Tell me you like it here.
So I won't have anything to fear.
Though, I know you'll leave.
And this time I'll let it be.

"Ha, Ha, No"             5.5.16

You act fine,
Like you were never mine.
Don't lie,
we both know you were once or twice mine before.
But don't expect me to let you walk through my closed door.
It's not for you, boo-hoo.
You can weep while I peacefully sleep.
I don't care, you weren't there.
Now you're here,
but I have disappeared.
Saying you're sorry,
Saying you're in love.
Don't worry...
Guess you were never taught
to never mess with a b*tch that doesn't like strangers,
'Cos they're not afraid to bite.


As I look back at this 2 years later, this is cringy asf.
~Does nobody else think how creepy or weird it is to realize that there are people in this world that know how we feel and sometimes look and possibly know where we live, but you've never really met them and they live in an entire different country than you????~
~Being happy has been my all time fear, but my all time wish. I learned nothing lasts forever, so I have to savour every moment. I cant do nothing more but eagerly wait for that time to come 💙~
~May 5, 6:05pm 💚💛❤💓💜💜💕💝💖💞💗💟💙💗💟💖💞💝💕💜💛💓❤💚💛💜💞💞💟💗💙💖💕💕💜💛💓❤💚💛💝💟💗💙💗💖💞💝💝💕~
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