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it's getting
harder to

believe in
than just to
get lost
in all
my selfish thoughts...
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three words
8 letters

Can you not hear me? Hear my screams of pain.. Do you not see me? See the tears running down my face.. You saw and you heard correct? But you chose to ignore me. But I heard.. Heard all your lies... and I saw.. Saw you leave..
Hey, dont test me
im your daughter
not your experiment
I just think it's a little ridiculous that we are still
only looking at the surface level of one another.
Red hair? Blue hair? Pink? Blonde?  Short? Long?
Whatever. We might as well shave our heads.
Hair has nothing to do with the reason we're
playing music.
Something that will never last as long as the 
songs we play and the
 words we sing.

Listen up ladies in bands,  I am so proud to be one of you
and I don't care if we all look exactly alike or
if we are all carbon copies of each other.
We have things to say and it's up to us
to get people to not just look,
but to listen.

-Hayley Williams.

"i've Changed"- Cay A Vega
i remember back when i lived with you then
it was good untill the world started caving in
so i had too move with my dad, i was happy, i was glad
but over time i changed when i was with him
and now your trying too change me for who ive become
because im not girly because in not who i used to be
i grew up, i saw what i liked
it wasnt makeup anymore 
now its games, and ball shorts
and late night with popcorn
and always watching family guy
you still try to change me 
make me do the things i dont wanna do
dance and gymnastics is your thing,dude
stop trying to change me
let me be me
and you do you
cause ive tried to please you
i really have 
but i dont know how with out feeling sad
cause what you want isnt me
you want me to be girly...

There ain't
no sunshine

we must

reinvent love!


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