Rude Quotes

"It has always been viewed that as wife includes more her mother’s advice into her family matters, it increases more feuds with her husband and she becomes more rude towards own children only."
~Anuj Somany
the worst thing is when you send them a text revealing your love and they read it but don't respond. 
I f*cking hate rude people so much!
I hate it when i talk to a guy online and then when we start talking really well, the guy goes and asks if im a virgin or not? Like wtf how is that any of your damn business, whether i am or not has got nothing to do with you! So please dont ask me stuff like that cos i dont like it and find it very rude and disrespectful! If you wanna talk then talk nice and dont try and be intrusive cos its just damn rude!
I am done with people.

"How do you know that your friend that you met
on the internet that died wasn't fake?"

Don't you think that is a little rude to say? I literally said that he
was my best friend and that he died and the
first thing you say to me is "how do you know he
wasn't fake?"

Me: *Walks forward to talk to teacher* *Walks in front of Josh*
Me: Oh, sorry. I didn't see you there. 
Josh: *totally serious* Just walk right in front of me, how brilliant. 
Me: Wow wish I was rude. 

It's people like this who make people feel bad for being good. People like this who create victims. 
They make people feel bad even though they did nothing wrong and mentally train them to cowardice.
Just saying.
I still don't understand why it's okay to ask someone to 'get over their anxiety and stop being shy'. That's like me asking you to stop being an ignorant waste of space. Try it? Isn't so easy, is it?
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It is impossible to say "I wasn't talking to you" politely.
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