Rumors Quotes

That it's whispered, is what's whispered.
Refrain from intoxicants that cloud the mind.
not all rumors are rumors

Always be careful of what you hear about a woman. Rumors either come from a man who can't have her or a woman who can't compete with her.

No, I'm not okay and I don't know when I will be okay again, just know that I really am trying.
People have so much hurt in them.
It's sickening that people are the reason for others pain.
In all honesty, it may be 'cool' now with all your friends watching as you emotionally scar another human being, but in 20 years that person is still going remember, even if you don't.
If you didn't want to be that nasty part in their book called "Life" you should of thought about it before you deliberately
crushed them when they were already being demolished
I bet it doesn't even cross your mind that words actually do effect people. 
Maybe you forgot about the list of all the people you damaged, but they won't forget.
And it's sad to think you couldn't of just stepped out of your crowd of 'cool' and fix what you did,
because then maybe they wouldn't be crying to themselves every night or laying on the bathroom floor with a pill bottle in their hands.
You make me sick, whoever you are.
It's time to grow up and realize that you're not as cool as you may feel.
We are all just people, yes, but you happen to be one that sucks.
Next time you open your mouth make sure you remember this.
It's not just time for a change, it's time for YOU to change.
Nobody deserves to feel such hatred and hurt just because you might have some issues deep down inside.
Being a bully makes the word suicide real.
This is not

~From the bottom of my heart.
a year ago, 
if you told me that my best friend, my confidant in the whole matter,
was the mastermind behind the rumours that ruined my life,
i'd tell you that you're crazy.

but not everyone is what they seem.
and sometimes, the people you trust the most
are the ones who are ruining you.
Rumors are circulating around school about me. 
The rumors are so mean it hurts so much.
What should I do?

I don't care if you spread

rumors about me:

At least you're finally spreading something other than your legs


f o r m a t  j i m m y 3 6 5 n m q!

Rumors Are Carried By Haters, Spread By Fools, Believed By Idiots!
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