Sad Quotes

My late grandmother’s name is Sheilia, and I swear I’ve never heard the name so much as I have since she passed. It’s everywhere, more people have it than I used to think. Hearing it is like a small blow to the stomach each time, and I find myself wondering if these strangers sharing her name are as great a human being as she was while simultaneously deciding that they can’t possibly compare. My grief sets them up for failure simply for possessing something they didn’t choose, no more than my grandma did.

it's no longer about me being foolish.
it's about you being happy.

i'm one of those people that can't let
go.if i've had fun with you once, i will
text you on your birthday for at least
the next five years. if we were friends in
elementary school and haven't talked 
since, i guarantee i still know your
mom's name and your favorite
crushes never go away, they just fade. i
still tell stories about great times with 
people i haven't seen in years. if you
turn down my offer to get drinks and
catch up ten times, i promise i will still
ask an 11th time. if we fight and you
block me, i will find a way to check in
on you anyway to make sure you're 
okay. so if i give up on you, just know
that you damn well deserved it.
love is a funny thing...
Its torture being in love
"Who am I? 
Someone thats afraid to let go
Suicide if you ever try to let go 
I sad and low"
theres nothin left right now 
I gave it all to you
" All these voices in my head get loud
I wish I could shut them out"
Remember back in 2011 when people here would delete their quote if it got less than 1,000 favorites? Well, now they're lucky if they get one favorite lmfao.
this is so important please read... listen to me. no fr just listen. put aside all your hate and get rid of the tension. you dont like someone because they're differet than you? because they grew up different and talk different, they look different than you? they dont have the same clothes as you, maybe they dont even speak the same language as what? Ya. okay so we're all different. this world is so beautiful because of the diversity in it..honestly i love it. i hope we never get rid of it. i pray we can all learn to love each other. i pray all those you hate, one day you'll call brother. i wish things were just perfect. i wish kids like us didnt die..our generation its like all we do is cry. how many of your friends have committed suicide? how many times have YOU tried? how many times have you laid awake at night, tear stains on your pillow as you quietly cried? ya i know, because ive been there too, im right there with you..all we can really do is get through..its hard. you cant see the light and its like the whole 🌎 is just dark like when will we stop? stop putting each other down..maybe create someones smile today instead of making them frown. maybe tell someone you love them twice instead of just once..maybe give an extra hug...maybe spend that extra minute with the ones you love..just slow down..its not big things...its really just the little things that can make the big difference. create love today, lets make everyone shine...with all this darkness, i know, you really gotta grind. ya Its not easy to be the only feel all alone tryna shine bright like the sun when all they wanna do is put you down..but just try it...i swear we can make a difference...all we have to do is apply it. Its so simple really...we have to live it..going back to the golden rule..we cant give in. Be different, lets just be ourselves...and except each other for it..we should respect each other for it..ill stand beside my enemy because I have to admit it...i wanna leave this world better than before i was in it. 💓🌎💓
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