Sad Quotes

It's like...

I'm just not...

Good enough...

To fight for...
i don't need you back
i don't need you back
i don't need you back
i don't want you back
++  i'm calling you up
you tell me "it's over"
but it's hard when you're young ///
we used to ride the train,
read each other's brain,
i used to know you better than anyone else
i never contemplated suicide seriously before until this day.
it sucks how in life, once things finally feel like they are falling in place the world starts to deteriorate
i do not know why these things happen to me
i dont know why my ex boyfriend abused me
i dont know why my other ex boyfriend manipulated and cheated on me
i don't know why i constantly fail
i dont know a lot of things
all i do know is that there is no way out

i have messed up a lot in my life
i have hurt people
i regret hurting my parents the most
there is no way out

i dont want to hurt my parents even more
i dont want to hurt my family
i dont want to hurt my brother
i dont want to hurt my boyfriend
i dont know what to do
there is no way out

the way i hurt is weird
i think im depressed
i dont know what i am
i dont know who i am
i dont like school and the stress of my life
i try to trick myself into liking it
but at 11:04
staring at the ceiling from your damp sheets of cold sweats and tears
you realize
there is no way out.

My demon loves your disorder
we live in a world where we are encouraged to be different and unique but at the same time expected to conform and be like others in order to belong.  
I don't even know who I am anymore. 
I just wanna die most days.

holy crap I missed you guys 
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