Sad Quotes

You said you loved someone else; only when you was gone you said "I love you"

I miss old wittyprofiles.

I know there's no replacing
what we've lost


Fragile glass 
Breathe into me like a dragons' breath
Blow away my troubles and sins
Life is the slow punishment, it'll end in death
I turn to see the darkness and it's evil grin
Broken and bruised as I have been
The scars rise from beneath my fragile skin
Set me free 
Let the wind sneak through the grass
My soul whispers to the trees
I grow stronger and I'm no longer freshly broken glass
you dont give a damn about me
"It rained heavily last night" said the pillow.
Sometimes I invite my own darkness in to embrace me like an old friend.
sometimes i wonder
whether or not i'll
get bad again. and
whether or not i'll
get better again.
i'm trying to be brave
'cause when i'm brave,
other people feel brave.
but i feel like
my heart is caving in.
am I depressed or is life just depressing?
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