Sad Quotes

God I missed this site. I missed the days it was active. I never want it to get deleted..

All I'll ever be is a sad broken little toy. 

Get out of my head, my heart is tired. 

And no one will know, just how close I was to ending it right then and there. Knife to my wrist. You don't even know. But would you even care? 

the fake smile on your face has a sour taste
i thought you healed my world, but you were the destroyer
jealousy is the dishonest sadness

sick of crying
tired of trying

yeah i'm smiling
but inside I'm dying



And it sucks;

The only person I trust to vent to
doesn't want to hear it.



Hey you,
little did you know
 that I was the one that wanted to vent
Someone with no one to talk to.

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