Sad Quotes

Last year,

I stopped at a flower shop to order flowers for my mother who lives 200 miles away. As I got out of my car I noticed a young girl sitting on the curb crying.
I asked her whats wrong and she said "I wanted to buy a red rose for my mother but I only have 25 cents and a rose costs 2 dollars."
I smiled and told her I'd buy her a rose. After I bought her a rose and ordered my moms flowers, I offered the girl a ride home. She said "yes please! Can you take me to my mother?" She directed me to a cemetery where she placed the rose on a freshly dug grave.... I was in shock and after I drove the girl home I went back to the flower shop, canceled my order, picked up a bouquet and drove 200 miles to my mothers house at 9:30 at night....

I'll always respect the number one woman in my life.


"why can't dogs live as long as humans?" and the little boy
was like "Because humans live to learn how to love,
but dogs are born already knowing how."


While you COMPLAIN about your job ; There's someone praying for a dollar.
While you COMPLAIN that gas is too high ; There's someone who's only option is to walk.
While you COMPLAIN about your significant other ; There's someone dreaming of having somebody.
While you COMPLAIN about the food in your pantry ; There's someone praying for crumbs.
While you COMPLAIN about the world we live in ; There's someone who didn't wake up to see it.

Your complaints are simply BLESSINGS to others!
I want that,

"Baby I love you more" , kinda love. The "you're the only one that I adore", love.
That, "I'll always be here for you", love. Or, "I'll always support whatever you do", love.
What about, "I want you to hold me tight", love. "You're the only one I want tonight", love.
Maybe, "I can't wait to start our chapter", love.
Baby, "I want our happily ever after", love. But mostly I want that, "I will always love you no matter what", "I'm gonna stay faithful and true", love.
"My heart only has room for you", love. "You're my soulmate", kinda love. "Lets get married, I can't wait", love.

Yeah ; That love.

Are you serious? ; you're still wanting him? While theres another guy who really loves you & wont treat you like sh-t. He has broken girls hearts & quickly moves on to the next ; he hits you up & steals your heart wit ha simple text. While the other guy tries hard to just get your attention ; you leave him wondering as his heart breaks in two different sections. You cry cuz you get jealous cuz of the girls he's with ; while the other guy tries cheering you up but you dnt even listen to him. This is your fault for feeling so hurt ; you choose the bad guys quick with out thinking it first. You left the other guy who would treat you like a Queen ; for a guy who cant even hold one heart to keep. Its time to relocate your heart to someone that wont hurt you ; especially not to somone who doesnt even deserve you.
I met my soulmate.
(he didn't)
I don't want negative thoughts to take over my life!!!!! Did I say it loud enough. Were my eyes tearing up. Meh. The floor is lame, go back on the chair. Okay much better. Well. What am I thinking. [I have to stop them from popping up.] It's kind of embarassing how your summer vacation spirals deeper into a. Wait. I don't have to ramble about that stuff. ??? [Try to be funny.] My gosh it's hard to imagine anybody being stuck in school over summer. Heh. Sucks for them. Promise me you will be a bright and wholesome student this upcoming fall. Yes. Pinky promise. But that means we have to stop lurking online. [Warning. Don't jump to that.] We can't be dramatic, like please don't freak out over every minor coincidence. Then it gets delusional. You screw me up. You screw-up. Look around. This isn't some hypothetical destination. No. You have a setting to your life just like everybody else, and yours is the ugliest and most degraded one of them all. Get your brain checked. [Ah, already? Where's the ESC button? They got inside. Popping away.] ...afraid of people, feed me lies and hurt my chances of obtaining a degree. Who would not resent you. Always picked last. Never forget that. Reality is ruthless to those pests at the bottom. No sympathy. No invitations. Oh. Let's just check this notification. Yes, I love it. Yes, yes. New video posted. [Different status. Good status. My brain reacts well online.] Do it. Why, why not.Think of it like switching off. Brain-dead in a sense. I'm  being taken away by ESC.

I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote.

It's like...

I'm just not...

Good enough...

To fight for...
i don't need you back
i don't need you back
i don't need you back
i don't want you back
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