Sad Quotes

i hope keeping my friends in my heart is enough to keep them warm
Were you always like this?
I don't know why, But i'm disappointed in you.

 Maybe one day you'll regret all the time you lost with me, when I'm no longer around.

 A little too attached to all those I hold dear.

 I will never mean as much as someone bound to you by blood, even though you do to me.

You really are stupid huh? 🥺.
Makes me wonder if your mind is glitched.
How do you make the never ending loop
take a new way? 
Why are you so unfair?
Haha and you thought I'll like you
What an idiot.
Do you mind stop being a Proffessional Hurter?
Damn girl do something to help.

Phew, How selfish of you.
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