Scared Quotes

I need someone to tell me 
if he's moving too fast. 
I just got out of fast moving 
I can't be caught up 
making the same 
~It's my Birthday.~
~March 7, 2018~
I wanted so much to just not come back on here but when Im literally on the floor crying so hard that I cant even breathe. Holding my chest trying to hold my insides together. All I could do was think of how much comfort I would have felt if you were simply just sitting next to me. I know its bad but literally in the mdidle of one of my break downs and I cant stop wondering on how different things would be. Smoked almost a whole pack to myself. Havent touched alcohol but trying to stay high. Cant. Function. Im so scared of Jacobs surgery. Been scared. Cant eat. Cant sleep. You probably dont want to know this but Jon has no idea how to comfort me. No idea what to do once I break down and cant stop crying. He literally carried me to the bath tub today and got me in the bath because I couldnt stop crying. Riding with Barbara, Gma Wanda and Ashlynn to his apt and Im trying to keep back the tears but they just keep slipping. I dont know what to do. (Tues @4:50 am)

why am i so emotional?
no it's not a good look
gain some self control

I'll stop time for you
the second you say you like me too


I didn't realize I was scared to have feelings for someone after you until I met him.

shadows come with the pain
that you're running from


scared to death
no reason why

do whatever
to get me by

If you talk enough sense then you'll lose your mind

I miss you so much it hurts. 
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