Scary Quotes

The Flower Garden
By: Chasitia

In the garden of fears
Where you have no tears
Storm clouds and rain appears
Cold and wet the blood smears

But darling don't be scared
If only someone cared
The garden grew and dared
Crowding as the skin teared

Skin ripped to shreds
Life hanging by threads
This your mind dreads
The secret of the flower beds

The garden of death
By the hands of flower breath
For the first time, I'm scared of what my future holds.
ME: *posts on facebook*
ME: ah nobody cares what I post
ME: *gets more than 15 likes*
E: omg omg people do cares!
ME: wait maybe my fb is drunk...
E: or maybe my fb friends are being abducted by aliens and now the aliens are using their accounts!!!
Mentally ill from Amityville
Accidentally kill your family still,
hinkin' he won't? Godd*mn it he will...
Mentally ill from Amityville.


The scariest thing about college
is that in less than a year I will
know exactly where I'm going, but
right now I have no idea
what college I'll end up going to.

I always feel cold,
And tired, my eyes are dark underneath, and my blood is blue.

My heart is gone, and my brain barely functions anymore, I live in a black hole, and I don't eat, sleep, or dream.

Some people are afraid of me,
I'd be afraid of me too.

All I am is a shadow; a darkend escaped soul, that wanders the earth looking for meaning, but finding dead memories instead.

Who am I?

People with no morals and lack of judgement terrify me
There are so many of them
That moment when you have a dream so terrible everywhere you go, you see frightening images from that dream, you feel paralyzed, and you automatically get a new biggest fear... 😨😩😫😳
When you don't want to go to sleep because there's a spider on your ceiling.. 
In about 6 months I will offically be an adult. 

I'm terrified.
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