School Quotes

If you get too worried about what could go wrong,
you might miss a chance to do something great.


You made me a promise once 
You told me you'd never give up on me 


And remember what it felt like
To be alone
Sitting in the sunlight
All alone


The water is warm
but it's sending me shivers

"Shhh"     5.10-12.16     6.5.18

Danger Ahead, 
feeling dead.
"I'm fine"
I said.
And you believed me.
I see...
Its the words you pay attention to, 
not the eyes.
Tears stream down..
I'm falling from this breakdown.
Nervous and scared,
I quietly stared
into the night sky,
waiting for these tears to dry.
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No, don't tell me I'm lying.
I promised I was better.
I promised I changed.
Don't tell me I'm going back to my old self,
don't tell me I'm going back to what I used to do that wasn't good for me.
Don't tell me I'm lying.
I promised I was better.
I promised I changed!!!
I thought I was okay...
Am I not?
Thank you for being ok, at least in the slightest
~Where did things go wrong?~
~it's fine, i'm not expecting you to do anything, you don't need to. i just needed to say something. Sucks to see a friend drown and not know why~
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