School Quotes

i feel like every week i'm just like "i need to get through this week"

i have way too many celebrity crushes like real people don't even impress me anymore

girls know girls that know girls that know girls and
basically find everything out

He didn't call

me today again


He doesn't want me to affected by the radiation emitted by the phone :`)


I've always wanted to say :

Hi! I'm Ancelina and you're watching Disney Channel ;)

Days like this i want to drive away


When I wave at you,
the skin under my arm shouldn't wave back.

If you want hot


use your f*cking electric blanket man..

I can't even start watching degrassi again 
Once you miss one episode, you miss everything
And I've missed 2 seasons
What If

When you turn off the fridge and light doesn't go off... 

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