School Quotes


                 I'm a teenager.
                                                      I text at the speed of light,
listen music too loud,roll my eyes,
fall in love easily and            
                                                           get my heart broken.

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If someone hates you for no reason,

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When you're happy you,enjoy the music,
But when you're sad,you understand the lyrics.

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             Don't wait for the perfect moment,
              take the moment and
                                     make it perfect.

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when you realize you forgot to do your homework

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alive or just breathing ?

when people call me fake

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~Sitting at the park, cute boy comes into it with his family~
 Me: ~staring at gorgeous creature that I can't have~
Aren't you beautiful?
Yes you are.
Please have my babies, oh seducing God!
I really want you to kiss me...
hh.. ~boy looks at me~
Ohmygod, no, don't look at me!
I look like I fell out of the trashcan.
~flashes a smile and comes towards me~
No, please... 
Spare me!
Don't come over here...
~boy is right next to me and sits on the swing~
Him: Hey
Me: *dies*
five minutes later I wake up*

God. Damm!t.

You know what I hate?

I have to act differently around people.

You know why?

If I was 100% myself

100% of the time,

Nobody would like me.

That is a fact.

Hell, I don't even like me.

I went to sleep thinking about you 

and I woke up just the same


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