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School President
Jane Hunter and Mallen Eners.
 First started as a battle to see who was going to win the president election of their school.
Until they realized that they needed each other much more than that.
However, there is a single rule for this election that they both agreed to follow.
"Don't hate the player, hate the game."
"I hate you," he shouted, seeing the smirk tugging at the end of her lips. "You did me wrong, you used me, you instigated the anger within me, you made me look like a fool, you grabbed me and tossed me aside like some toy, I hate everything about you."
When he began marching towards her with his shoulder broadened, his teeth gritted savagely, that was when the smirk on her face finally dropped, fear settling in. They were alone in this room, and he could barely control himself.
He grabbed her waist and slammed her against the wall behind her, his palms pressed against the wall above her head. She caught her breath, but stayed silent, her nails scrapping the wall behind her.
 He avoided her gaze.
"I hate your long light brown hair that runs all along your back. I hate your green eyes that changes to blue in heavy lighting. I hate the way you have one side of your lip that is higher than the other when you smile. I hate the way you always lean on one leg when you stand, your hands in your pocket. I hate how you always know what to say. I hate how you always put your hair up in a bun. I hate your hands start trembling when your nervous, and you try to hide it. I hate how you never lotion your skin, and your hands are always cold-"
"Then why do you notice all that if you hate me so much," she muttered.
He paused for a moment, finally meeting her gaze. With all he had said, it was a shocking moment when she saw him lean forward, connecting his lips with hers as he gripped her jaw tightly, not allowing her to get away from his grasp. 
But she did not pull away either.


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