Best School Quotes Today

these days it's actually so hard to be different
because everyone's striving to be different
in the same way.
Iv always been a very broken person.

And broken people are usually very alone.

But last year i met you.

And we became friends.
And we fell in love.
And you became mine.
And i became yours.

But you was very broken too.

And we spent alot of time together being broken.
For all sorts of reasons.

And yes, i am still broken.
But i am broken with you.
We are broken together.
But one day.
When we work this out,
we wont be broken at all.

I am still broken.
But you have the glue.
Oh that familiar feeling of being stabbed in the heart.

[ s a d    a n d    s a s s y ]

If you're trying to show me
that you don't care. 

I'll show you that
can do it better
You lead on. and I'll play along. 
Remember that game that we used to play,
I tried to leave but you forced me to stay. 

You talk about your life and I'll talk about mine.
When everything was a mess, you'll tell me it's fine. 

We'll walk in together and drive people insane.
But soon forget we only did this for a name.

Because loving someone isn't to live more.
It's to find someone you're willing to die for.

Now I remember why I should have refuse.
I was the one who was going to lose. 


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