School Quotes

I just don't know what to do anymore. My best isn't good enough.

Dear Dora,
You've been 5 years old for about 11 years now.
What's your secret?
Normal Friend:Wow, you're so pretty.
Close Friend: Shrek called, he wants his face back.

In the face.
With a chair.
If you have something stupid to say.....
Please raise your hand
and put it firmly over your mouth.
Marriage is like a public toilet.
Those outside are desperate to get in and those inside are desperate to come out.
Why is Monday so far from Friday
and Friday so close to Monday?
We made it!

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!
Give me oriental food and I'll live fat but happy for the rest of my life
Waiting for the bus..

It's raining.. Oh god! And I've forgot the umbrella. Damn! My hair, my clothes *no
Everybody here with a umbrella. And looking to me.. Perfect, right?
This bus station is full of high school's students like me. Waiting for sleep all the afternoon after that boring classes.
And wait. He is looking at me.
The guy with the umbrella. I guess I saw that face in the school. Yeah, sure, at the bar.
He have a nice eyes. Please, don't LOOK at him! He is smiling at me, mm.. maybe not. Maybe is for the other girl.
Oh nooo.. Is raining a lot. Ok. HE HE HE H.E HE HE 
Is staring at me and he is ask me if I accept sharing the umbrella. OHHH, yes. But I only smile.
I've to say I've smiled about that the next night and for a week or more..
You know that loves that beggin in bus station?! A minute of silence for all of that!

*True story
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