School Quotes

S t o p   c a r i n g   a n d


                       f o r   o n c e 


                         d o   w h a t  y o u   w a n t  t o   d o


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Smells like 
the only 
Nirvana song
you know

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I’m afraid that I’m not what the world needs, and that’s all that I want to be.

wow im so dumb sometimes 😂😂😂😂
the way that some look at their lovers is the way i long to be looked at.

but i am scared
not only for my heart
but my soul
i'm scared that i will fall apart and i won't make it
i'm scared that you'll leave me bleeding all of this love for you
i'm scared i will be afraid to love again
i will lay for days and days on the floor drinking and nothing more
i'm scared that one day your note is the only thing that will keep me up at night
i'm scared that one day ..... i simply won't go on


“I’m just waiting for you to see that this is all there is, this is all I can offer you.

You’re going to go off and do big things and this is all I can give you.”

#Good morning
#Boring Lessons

i'm so dope and ur so nope


is god

ACCT 550 Midterm Exam 100% Correct Answers ACCT 550 Midterm Exam 100% Correct Answers (TCO A) The quality of information that gives assurance that is reasonably free of error and bias and is complete is TCO A) Issuance of common stock for cash affects which basic element of financial statements? (TCO B) Retained earnings at 1/1/1X was $150,000 and at 12/31/1X it was $200,000. During 2010, cash dividends of $50,000 were paid and a stock dividend of $30,000 was issued. Both dividends were properly charged to retained earnings. You are to provide the missing closing entry. Please indicate DR (debit) or CR (credit) to the left of the account title, and place a comma between the account title and the amount of the adjustment.
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