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It's too cold outside, for angels to fly

Okay guys. 

So I know a lot of you are sad because Witty "Isn't what it once was."

I get it.I've heard the saying "Back when I first joined..." like, nine thousand times. Seriously. And I get there aren't a ton of people here now adays, especially in comparison to the 2010-2012 era. 
But that's not a reason to get sad! Get excited instead! When Witty first started, it had to fight its way to glory. It began in 2004, without coding. Without those beautiful colors we see today. And for years and years there were no picture quotes. There weren't cool backgrounds, or buttons to share a quote to another website. There was no way to reply to comments. Witty didn't even have Witty Chat. 

But you know what? Witty still made it. It made it to three-hundred thousand users! To ten thousand faves on one quote! Witty went through Nutella and Ed Sherran and One Direction like phases in high school. 

You oh want Witty to be great again? Make it great! Post more often. Post good quotes. Post quotes with pretty formats. It only takes a few minutes to copy a code and insert something into it. Don't know what to post about? How about some poetry, or a few words from your favorite author? Post about that guy or gal you have a crush on. Post throwbacks from your favorite Wittians! You can even search by year or author!

Post from tumblr too. I know that's controversial, but back when Witty was "great" we had probably 75% tumblr related content. Don't be afraid to borrow a text post! 

What else can you do? Well, you can make a second account! Make one for writing. Make one for venting. Make one that's private. Make one where you post quotes from your favorite band! 

Invite people! How do you think Witty got big in the first place? Post pictures of your favorite quotes online! Screenshot the funny ones and send them around! Post advertisements on cork boards, along the streets, wherever you're able. Put them up in your school, in your workplace, in the bathrooms and in stalls! Tell your family, your friends! 

We can do this guys! You just have to try! And remember, commenting, faving, and all of those other things really helps to encourage new users! 
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