School Quotes

Success looks and awful lot like hard work

Stranger: Your injury looks bad. 
Me: You should see the other guy. 

I know where I'm going and I know the truth, and I don't have to be what you want me to be. I'm free to be what I want.
The man who has no imagination has no wings.

Teacher: To answer these questions on your exam you have to either put yes or no. 
Me: *Purposely puts yeah or nah to answer questions on exam instead of yes or no*. 

When I'm around cops I remember every horrible thing that I have ever done in my life. 

Falling in love with someone who doesnt know you exist, Forever alone 101.

                                          " She writes a list of the things
ᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤThat she hates about herself
ᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤIn just one word: 
ᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤ He writes a list of the things
ᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤThat he loves about her
ᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤIn just one word: 
ᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤᆤEverything. "
//A  Different  Start//

     Chapter 1

I was scared. Scared is an understatement. I have been homeschool for the past 17 years, and now my mom decides to throw me into a public school. I was angry with her. I know deep down it's not her fault that she finally got a full time job and just doesn't have the time anymore, but I need someone to blame for my angered and sad emotions. I had bit my tongue when she told me, restraining myself from the hateful words that crossed my mind. If only my dad hadn't left us. We wouldn't be struggling with money. My mom wouldn't have to dedicate all her time to a full time job just to support us both. My father is the one who I should be angry at.

School starts in exactly 2 days. My mom told me a week ago. She said she didn't want me worrying the entire summer. I love her for that. For always caring about how I feel, I mean. I know so many people have much more complicated problems then I do now, but just because my problem may seem smaller doesn't mean it's not a problem? A new school. New people. New life pretty much. What I'm used to is about to change completely. I'm not worried much about the academics, since my mom has been an amazing teacher, but I'm more worried about the social aspect of high school. What if no one likes me? What if I am made fun of because I am not like everyone else? I've never had to deal with b/itches before, what if I can't at all?

I decided to drag myself out of bed before my own thoughts destroy me. I stopped in front of my full length mirror. My chocolate brown hair fell just above my butt. Boy do I need a haircut, I thought. I was pretty confident in my appearance. I had fairly tanned skin from the summer, and my brown hair complimented my matching brown eyes. I recently lost 23 pounds over the past few months, and I was feeling proud of myself. I look thin, fit, healthy. It made me happy. Will I still have this self confidence with me when I see all the other girls at school? What were they even like? I didn't have many friends, being home schooled and all made that pretty tough. It's not as easy as you think to just go up to someone and start talking to them when they are a complete stranger. My mom was pretty much the only person I was close to, besides my cousin Lena. Only problem is that she lives 8 hours away.

I quickly brushed my teeth. I braided my hair down my back and because I'm lazy, I threw on athletic shorts and a v-neck before going downstairs. Who would I be trying to impress, my mom? Who I found out was not even home. A note on the counter read "Olivia, I'm meeting with my new manager and his secretary about work stuff. There's eggs and bread in the fridge if you want to make french toast. Love you." It made me upset that she was going to be consumed with a new job from here on out. I whipped up some french toast and slowly ate it in little bites. I had nothing to do today, like usual. I gulped down some OJ and threw on my nike sneakers. I was feeling stressed about school, and runs usually help relieve me of my stress.

I walked outside with my phone, headphones, and a water. I stretched out a little and started on a slow jog. As soon as I turned the corner, there was some commotion going on in front of a house. I saw moving trucks, and people carrying boxes into the house. Someone finally bought that overpriced house, I thought to myself. I continued to jog slowly by, watching the people who looked like busy bees going to and from the moving trucks. New neighbors, how wonderful. I just hope they aren't loud partyers like the last couple that moved in to the house 2 down from us. I continued jogging when I came across a small golden retriever that was wandering along the street. Is he a stray? No, he looks to clean. Plus he seems to have a collar on him. "Hey buddy." I said to him, crouching down. He came right over. I've always wanted a dog, but my mom is allergic. I started petting the dog and I grabbed his collar, looking at the tags for a phone number or address. The address read 17 Keebler Road on what looked like a fresh, newly made tag hanging from his collar. Funny. That's the house with the new neighbors moving in. I walked with the dog, holding onto his collar, back to the house. I walked up, unsure who to talk to. There wasn't really anyone in sight besides the employees helping move boxes from the trucks. "Um, excuse me." I asked a man who worked with the moving company. "I found this dog and I think it belongs to the owners of this house. Where can I find them?" Before the employee could answer, a guy walked around the corner of the truck. "So you found Charlie, huh." My eyes shifted to the boy, with an intriguing appearance. He looked about my age, maybe a year or two older, with tattoos plastered all over his arms, trailing up his neck as well. He had his ears pierced and wore rings on his fingers. He wore a gray beanie and a white tank top, with dark skinny jeans and converse. I was slightly taken back by his appearance, since I had never seen anyone look like this before. Not in person at least. "Uh, yeah, he was wandering along the streets, and I saw him while I was on a jog.." I said, still fascinated by the boys tattoos. "I assume you live in this neighborhood then?" he asked abrubtly. "Yeah, I live around the corner." I said, as sweetly as possible. "Oh." He seemed moody. Typical 'bad boy' act I guess. Is this how all the boys are? Attractive a/ssholes. He turned around and started walking away. "A thank you would've been nice..." I mumbled under my breath as I turned around.

I quickly jogged back to my house, checking the time on my phone. 12:23pm. Once I got back in my house, I went upstairs to my room and into my bathroom, and took a shower. I let the cool water run down my hair and back, trying to forget that I have to start school in 2 days. Less than 48 hours away. I sighed as I shut the water off. I thought about my encounter with the boy earlier today. I don't even know his name? Why didn't I ask for his name? Why am I so awkward? He probably thinks I'm a freak. He's probably laughing about me with his friends right now. Great. School hasn't even started for me and I already managed to make an embarrassing first impression to a guy who I can't deny is attractive.

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